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Equilibar Valves Prevent Pump Push-through Flow in Bioprocessing

Engineers at Equilibar and PSG Biotech tested a single-use specific solution to pump push-through flow by placing an Equilibar® SDO6 back pressure regulator (BPR) downstream of a PSG Biotech Quattroflow® single-use QF1200SU diaphragm pump to prevent unwanted flow. By adding a BPR downstream of the pump, the full control window of the pump can be realized.

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supercritical water

Supercritical Water Oxidation Destroys Toxic Waste

Researchers in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Washington are exploring supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) as a safer, less polluting and more energy efficient alternative to incineration of aqueous toxic wastes. The system’s many complexities require reliable pressure control of the reactor, so they chose an Equilibar HP6 for success.

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Automated Trans Membrane Pressure control is key to single pass Tangential Flow Filtration

Scientists at Sanofi designed a single-pass TFF system using a novel feedback control system and Equilibar® SDO single use back pressure regulators to maintain the TMP and retentate concentration at their desired target (grams/liter).

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Brutal Antarctic conditions drive research and
innovation for specialty pressure control systems

An international project called the next generation balloon-borne large aperture submillimeter telescope (BLAST-TNG) required numerous control systems to be developed. Pressure control of the helium cryostat was just one of these, but it offers a valuable real-life illustration of the ways in which extreme conditions can drive technical innovation and contribute to scientific progress.

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Continuous Flow Supercritical CO2 Reactor Synthesizes Metal-Organic Framework Nanomaterial 

Researchers in the Mechanical Engineering department at the University of Washington in Seattle are using an Equilibar blockage resistant Back Pressure Regulator in a nanomaterial synthesis reactor near the critical point of CO2. The goal is to study the supercritical phase fluid impacts on the synthesis of “metalorganic
frameworks” or MOFs. MOF’s are used in applications such as wound healing, hydrogen storage, and filter membranes for water and air purification.

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Advanced laser-based sensor uses Equilibar EPR 3000 to maintain precise pressure differential

The Precision Laser Diagnostics Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder focuses on developing advanced sensors using laser absorption spectroscopy, which can be used to determine the temperature, pressure, flow velocity, or concentration of gases based on the way molecules absorb laser light. They have the potential to help in many fields from astronomers studying exotic exoplanetary atmospheres to scientists studying new fuels, pollution formation chemistry, or wildfire combustion.

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petrochemical research

Oman university uses an Equilibar back pressure regulator to simulate bottomhole pressure in EOR studies

In Oman, many crude oil reservoirs have reached production peak and the primary methods of recovery are no longer useful. At this stage, an Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) method can help boost crude oil production in these reservoirs to extend their useful life. Researchers at University of Technology and Applied Sciences (UTAS), study different chemical injection methods to improve heavy oil recovery.

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Supercritical CO2 research evaluates alternate method of using captured CO2 emissions

Climate scientists have proven that direct-air capture removes CO2 from the atmosphere but once captured, it needs a place to go. Currently it is common practice to bury captured CO2 deep within the earth. Alternatively, electrical breakdown in low-pressure CO2 with a catalyst can cause CO2 to split and produce CO, which can later be combined with Hydrogen to make synthetic fuels. The research in this case study goes beyond that to explore reactions that occur in supercritical CO2 when there is an electrical discharge and no catalyst present.

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Equilibar regulator improves dosing flow control in polyolefin research

Development of improved polyolefin catalysts is an important area of research to meet a growing demand for PE and PP polymers. Quantitative and stable monomer flow is essential for proper functioning of this polymer research. Equilibar regulators are used in polymerization units to ensure stable monomer flow.

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Equilibar back pressure regulator provides superior control for refinery catalyst testing

In the oil and gas industry, removing impurities from petroleum fuels leads to cleaner emissions and improved downstream processing. Hydrodesulfurization (HDS) and hydrodenitrogenation (HDN) are chemical processes that use catalysts to remove sulfur and nitrogen impurities. New legislation such as IMO2020 for marine fuels and Tier 3 for automotive fuels requires substantial reductions of sulfur and nitrogen to reduce their environmental impact.

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Catalyst Research in Ammonia Production at Colorado School of Mines

Ammonia production accounts for 2% of the world’s energy consumption. However, renewable and distributed ammonia production remains a significant challenge. Dr. Wolden, Professor at Colorado School of Mines, is investigating catalyst materials and methods for distributed ammonia production. For the ammonia catalyst apparatus, three variables are critical: gas flow rates, reactor temperature, and reactor pressure. Dr. Wolden worked with Equilibar to automate and improve reactor control pressure in his experiments.

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petrochemical research

University of Aberdeen Uses Equilibar® Back Pressure Regulator in Pore Pressure Transmission Testing

Pore pressure transmission (PPT) testing is used in petrochemical research to determine the effectiveness of oil drilling fluids. Researchers at the University of Aberdeen redesigned their PPT experimental rig in order to effectively test the wide range of shale environments studied in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Research Group. Upstream pressure control is an important part of the PPT design, so researchers turned to Equilibar to get the design right.

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UC Boulder Uses Equilibar® Vacuum Regulator in Prototype Electrolyzer for Generating Oxygen in Space.

Flow cell electrolysis, which is used for spaceflight applications, uses a flowing water electrolyzer to generate enough oxygen from water to keep up with the crew’s metabolic requirements. Many of the current electrolyzer designs require a downstream gas-liquid separation process, presenting challenges in a microgravity environment. One complication is two-phase flow caused by bubble generation in the electrolyzer. Researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder proposed an alternative electrolyzer configuration and built a prototype using an Equilibar® vacuum regulator.

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Major Australian University Uses Equilibar® Back Pressure Regulator for High Pressure Core Flooding Experiments.

Core flooding experiments are routinely performed in hydrocarbon reservoir engineering to investigate multiphase flow characteristics of rock-fluid systems. For such experiments,
representative rock and fluid samples for a hydrocarbon reservoir are collected. The fluids are then injected through the rock under high pressure and high temperature in a laboratory setting. A major university in Australia recently partnered with Equilibar to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their active core-flooding experiment program.

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Zhengzhou University Uses Equilibar Back Pressure Regulator in O2 Hydrogenation for Direct Synthesis of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is widely used in the chemical industry as an environmentally friendly oxidizing agent. Researchers at Zhengzhou University are studying methods for direct synthesis as cost effective and sustainable alternative to traditional anthraquinone oxidation. They retrofitted a reactor with an Equilibar LF1 regulator to avoid irregular pressure control experienced with their traditional spring loaded regulator.

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University of Washington Uses Equilibar in Continuous Flow Supercritical Water Reactor 

Researchers at the University of Washington fabricated a supercritical water reactor with a continuous flow design to improve economic efficiency. They chose an Equilibar ultra low flow regulator in the design where precise pressure control at extremely low flow rates is crucial.

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Research and Development

Berlin Customer Uses Equilibar to Provide Flow Control for High Temperature Vinyl Acetate Monomer Reactor

This whitepaper details how ILS-Integrated Lab Solutions uses an Equilibar LF Series back pressure regulator paired with an Intek flow meter to maintain precise reactor flow control at extremely high temperatures.

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Alternating Feeds to a Research Reactor – Oak Ridge National Labs

This whitepaper describes a clever way of using the Equilibar back pressure regulator to maintain precise reactor flow control while switching a 4-way valve between two fuel sources.
Read about the low pressure control application here.

 bio pharma research

PTFE back pressure regulator used in continuous pharmaceutical research at MIT

This whitepaper describes how aqueous and organic fluids were separated across a delicate membrane as part of research for the MIT-Novartis Center for Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.
Read how our back pressure regulator controlled membrane pressure here.

clean fuel

BioGas Generator uses Equilibar to improve engine control

The Gloversville-Johnstown Waste Water Treatment Plant in New York generates methane from anaerobic digestion of organic mater. This biogas powers 350kW gas powered generators.
Read how Equilibar pressure regulators help control the engine’s low pressure flow requirement.



Hastelloy C4 Regulator Used In Hydrofluoric Acid Research

Thermodynamic studies of hydrofluoric and sulfuric acid require some of the highest corrosion resistance of any application on the planet.
Read whitepaper detailing how the Equilibar Zero Flow back pressure regulator met this challenging requirement.


Berlin customer successfully uses Equilibar for two-phase flow in high pressure reactor

Whitepaper details how Integrated Lab Solutions, Gmbh used Equilibar regulators to control multi-phase fluids in catalysis research systems.
Read how high pressure reactor controlled at 300 bar.

clean fuel

Equilibar improves Fischer-Tropsch Fuels Research at Auburn University

An extra wide flow range provided improved precision in catalyst reactor study.
Read whitepaper here.

supercritical co2

Carbon Geo-Sequestration Research: Equilibar used in Supercritical CO2 Application

Research at the Australian National University in Canberra aims to find better ways store carbon dioxide in granular rock structures.
Read white paper to learn how our backpressure valve controlled sample pressure under demanding conditions.

 supercritical CO2

Supercritical CO2 Research at Loughborough University, UK

Loughborough University in Leicestershire used the Equilibar back pressure controller to replace a metering valve in 80 bar carbon dioxide service.
Read whitepaper.

 clean auto

Hydrogen Fuel Cell testing improved with Equilibar back pressure regulator

Researchers at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic are working to develop improved environmental catalysts. The Equilibar QPV electronic pressure regulator was used with the Equilibar back pressure regulator to control fuel cell pressure.
Read whitepaper here. 

 Research and Development

Pulsation problem addressed by use of Equilibar back pressure valve

Whitepaper describes how Berlin-based Integrated Lab Solutions reduced pulsations from an HPLC pump in a liquid dosing application.
Read how the Equilibar back-pressure regulator was used to reduce pump pulsations.


 chemical plant

Chemical Dosing at Municipal Water Treatment Plant Improved by Equilibar BPR

Whitepaper describes how flow control valve limitations were addressed in a sodium hypochlorite dosing system for the City of Tempe, Arizona.
Read how a CPVC back pressure regulator stablized flow control.

 Research and Development

Equilibar BPR featured in scientific paper on membrane fouling

The Department of Chemical Engineering at UT Austin studied ways to reduce membrane fouling in industrial purification systems. The Equilibar back pressure regulating valve was used in conjunction with the Equilibar QPV electronic pressure controller to provide automated pressure control.

supercritical CO2

Equilibar back pressure regulator used in carbon sequestration research at the University of Sydney

Whitepaper describing carbon sequestration research using a research reactor with supercritical CO2 and liquid reactants dosed with an HPLC pump.
Read how the Equilibar Research Series BPR stabilized reactor outlet pressure.


 petroleum research

Carbonated Water Flooding for Advanced Oil Recovery Research – Technical University of Delft

Whitepaper described Reservoir Core Analysis work done using Carbonated Water Flooding technique.
Read how the Equilibar ULF BPR was used to handle phase change fluid application.


 Research and Development

Stable pressure control for Gas Chromatography column used in plasticizer research

Whitepaper describes the research conducted by the University of Stuttgart (Germany) find improved catalysts for the production of phthalic anhydride plasticizers.
Read how the Equilibar backpressure valve stabilized the GC column under high temperatures and low flow conditions.


supercritical water

Control In Supercritical Water Oxidation Systems Using An Equilibar Back Pressure Regulator

Researchers at Duke University and University of Missouri use an Equilibar back pressure regulator in both a laboratory and pilot scale system. The research is focused on developing a Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO) system for use in the treatment of waste water.
Read how the Equilibar backpressure valve helped in the development of the SCWO system and allowed for continuous operation.

 research and development

Equilibar Unit Used in Reverse Osmosis Membrane Fouling Research

Researchers at MIT implemented an Equilibar Back Pressure Regulator to control pressure on a membrane use in reverse osmosis fouling research.
Read how an Equilibar backpressure regulator eliminated noise in fouling data and allowed for increased testing efficiency.


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David Reed and Julie Detmering with undersecretary of commerce and e star award

Equilibar receives national recognition for growth & expertise in exports

At a May 14 ceremony in Washington, DC, the U.S. Department of Commerce honored Equilibar with the 2024 President’s “E Star” Award in recognition of the company’s continuing notable contributions to an increase in U.S. exports. The “E Star” Award recognizes at least four years of additional export growth by American companies that previously received Read More

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