Vacuum Regulator and Vacuum Control Valves

Unique design uses multiple orifices and direct diaphragm sealing for improved accuracy

Our patented vacuum regulator design uses a flexible diaphragm with multiple orifices to maintain an incredibly sensitive pressure balance between the inlet port pressure and the pilot reference pressure. This means that your vacuum process can remain stable even through wide variations in flow rate and supply pressures. Equilibar Vacuum Pressure Regulators are based on our unique back pressure regulator technology. Learn more about how vacuum regulators work.
equilibar high precision vacuum regulator High Precision Vacuum Regulators 1/4" to 1" 0 - 30 inHg
High Flow Vacuum Regulator High Flow Vacuum Valves 1.5" to 4" 0 - 30 inHg
Electronic Vacuum Regulator Electronic Vacuum Regulators 1/4" - 1" 0 - 30 in Hg
equilibar vacuum regulator with electronic pilot Larger Electronic Vacuum Valves 1.5" to 4" 0 - 30 in Hg

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Direct Vacuum Pressure Regulator Technology

The Equilibar directly controls vacuum pressures by modulating the flow from the system to the vacuum pump. For details on how a direct vacuum pressure regulator is different from a vacuum breaker see more about vacuum regulators.

Dramatic Stability Improvement

This chart shows the superior flow stability of the 1/2″ Equilibar® over a competitive 1/2″ vacuum pressure valve. Note that the competitive regulator works by bleeding air into the vacuum system rather than directly modulating the applied vacuum, explaining the opposite curvature.

Equilibar Vacuum Comparison Chart

Using the Equilibar® Vacuum Regulator

Using our new precision vacuum regulator is a snap. Simply connect your vacuum pump or house vacuum utililty to the Outlet port. Connect the process that you want to control to the Inlet port. Adjust vacuum knob to achieve the desired vacuum level.

Equilibar Vacuum Regulator

Selecting the right size

This chart shows the projected vacuum performance at various regulator body sizes. If you don’t have a preferred piping size in mind, select the smallest vacuum valve that gives the precision that your application requires.

Equilibar regulator vacuum flow Sizing chart

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Vacuum Regulator Video

The video below shows a vacuum regulator with a smaller body size that is designed for vacuum systems with lower maximum flow rates. These small size vacuum regulators exhibit high precision for accurate control. The video shows how the vacuum control valve may be manually adjusted or controlled with an electronic vacuum regulator.

High Flow Vacuum Regulator Video

The link to this video shows how the Equilibar direct diaphragm sealing technology may be scaled up into larger sized vacuum regulators for high flow systems. The NLB Series of vacuum regulator shown in the video is available in sizes from 1.5 inch to 4 inch in flange connection or with NPT threads. The HV Series (not shown) vacuum control valves are available in 2, 4, and 6 inch sizes. Click here to go to YouTube and watch the high flow vacuum control valve video

Vacuum Regulator White Papers

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