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Severe Services and Demanding Requirements

Equilibar Back Pressure Regulators

Our BPR’s can process two-phase flow while maintaining high precision.

Our Research Series offers flow control down below 0.001 ml/min.

Equilibar back pressure regulators are sensitive to 0.001 psig / 0.069 millibar(g) and can control set-points down to 0.02 psig / 1.38 millibar(g).

Our Research Series back pressure regulators are commonly used up to 7000 psig / 482 bar(g).

Using Kalrez FFKM O-rings, Equilibar back pressure regulators can be used up to 300°C. Equilibar’s HT (High Temperature) Series back pressure regulators utilize a graphite seal for temperatures to 450°C at pressures up to 5000 psig / 344 bar(g).

Using HPLC tube fittings, our Research Series back pressure regulators have as little as 0.2 millilieter dead volume.

Equilibar offers products for the world’s most aggressive chemicals, featuring bodies of PTFE, Hastelloy C, titanium. Standard offerings feature Stainless Steel T316L.

Equilibar back pressure regulators can control the output pressure of virtually any pump.


There are many ways that our back pressure regulators can be used to control gas pressure with precision.

Our FD Series offers several options for sanitary applications in the food and BioPharma sectors.

Select one of the severe services listed above for more information.

Contact our application engineers to discuss your severe service requirements. In many cases, we are able to specify custom o-rings or diaphragms to meet your demanding requirements.





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