Pressure Control for Tangential Flow Filtration -

Pressure Control for Tangential Flow Filtration

  • Schematic of Tangential Flow Filtration

Tangential flow filtration (TFF) is used in the biopharmaceutical industry as an efficient method for purifying biomolecules. During the process, the differential pressure across the TFF membrane must be maintained within a narrow range, in some cases as low as 1 psi. The ability to control accurate pressure leads to more consistent results. The Equilibar® back pressure regulator with its multi-orifice design delivers superior precision and can accurately control the differential pressure across a membrane in a wide range of flow rates.

Schematic of Tangential Flow Filtration

In the schematic above, an Equilibar® Single use pressure control valve is used in both the retentate and permeate lines of the TFF process. A setpoint is established on the dome of the retentate pressure regulator using the retentate pilot setpoint regulator. A bias signal equal to the desired TFF transmembrane pressure differential is then set to establish the setpoint pressure to the dome of the permeate pressure regulator. This setup maintains a stable target pressure differential across the filter membrane for effective TFF process results.

Equilibar single use pressure control valve was developed in response to the biopharma industry’s rapidly expanding requirements for low cost components that can be sterilized through radiation and disposed of after use. It is also appropriate for other service conditions that require single use components.

The valve’s patent pending design offers USP Class VI polymers that can be sterilized as an assembly. The Single Use Equilibar features the same dome-loaded multiple orifice technology as all Equilibar patented products, delivering instantaneous control, frictionless operation, superior precision, and exceptionally wide flow rate ranges. Its strengths are particularly well suited to control the transmembrane pressure in tangential flow filtration control applications.


image of the Equilibar single use back pressure regulator for biopharma use

Equilibar Single Use back pressure valve designed for BioPharma use

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