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Dental Vacuum Control Regulator

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Improve Dental Suction Regulation

Dental vacuum systems typically use unregulated vacuum pumps which vary the suction pressure depending on the number of tools active on the operatory head at the same time. In many situations, these applications may benefit from the improved vacuum control provided by Equilibar’s vacuum regulating valves.

The Americal Dental Association recommends at least 5 inHg vacuum for the suction tools used in dental operatories, though the ideal vacuum level is generally considered to be 10 to 12 inHg to facilitate better removal of liquid wastes.

Dental suction systems are generally unregulated, and the pressure available to the tool is a function of the number of other users active at the same time. Regenerative blowers typically have flow curves that drop from the 10 inHg range at low flow to the 5 inHg range at high flow. Other systems such as dry vane pumps and liquid ring pumps can pull stronger vacuums, and are provided with a spring-loaded vacuum breaker to limit maximum suction if desire. All of these systems experience significant changes in vacuum based on the number of simultaneous tools active on the header.

The Equilibar vacuum pressure regulator is ideal for use with dry-vane vacuum pumps because it produces a nearly flat pressure curve throughout the operating range of the pump. Such an approach allows the user to select the ideal vacuum level without having to compromise between the extremes levels at low and high usage.

The schematic above shows a precision vacuum suction regulator located just before the vacuum pump, providing a nearly flat pressure curve for the multiple suction tools in the operatory.

Contact Equilibar’s engineers to see if your dental vacuum system can benefit from our precision control technology.

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Customer Feedback:

“The vacuum regulator works perfectly and has been in use, non-stop, since the day that we received it. I am extremely happy with the quality and reliability of your product. The addition of your product had a happy side effect. With most compressor-type suction pumps, the vacuum level will vary some when the pump cycles on and off. With this product, The vacuum level, in our application is set to 7inhg and never varies regardless of the cycle of the pump or the demand of suction. This product perfectly fit our needs. “
Arthur Longoria, Veterans Administration (dental facility)

Equilibar EVR vacuum regulator
EVR Vacuum Regulator Brochure

Equilibar 2 inch PVC vacuum regulating valve (suction regulator)

The Precision 2″ PVC vacuum regulating valve provides stable pressure through the widely varying flow rates of dental suction systems( product details)

typical pump curves used in dental vacuum

Example of vacuum versus flow curves for common pumps used in dental vacuum industry. Note: Slopes can vary according to selected capacity selection

regulated vacuum pump curve

More stable vacuum versus flow relationship is achieved by the use of a precision vacuum regulator before pump

dental vacuum system from BaseVac Dental Systems

Dental suction systems using dry vane pumps from BaseVac Dental Systems
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