Pressure Regulator for High Temperature

Precision back pressure regulators with SS316 diaphragms

Equilibar’s Research Series back pressure regulators extend our unmatched precision to higher temperature applications, such as those in the petrochemical and catalyst research laboratories.

Many of our Research Series Regulators can be fitted with SS316 diaphragms, which extend the pressure range up to 10,000 psig, while also pushing the operating temperature range up to that of Kalrez® o-rings (300°C, 527°F).

While Equilibar’s PTFE/Glass composite diaphragms can be up to 232°C (450°F) at low pressures, the mechanical stress derating for PTFE at elevated temperatures make the SS316 diaphragm a more practical choice in most high temperature applications. Diaphragms made of Hastelloy C276 are also available for some applications.

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HT Series Extends Temperature to 450C

Equilibar’s HT Series back pressure regulators utilize a graphite seal for temperatures to 450C and pressures to 5000 psig. The Grafoil GTA seal is nuclear grade purity (99.9% graphite).

Get more details from the HT Series Cut-sheet.

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high temperature regulator

High Temperature HT1 Series

The HT Series uses graphic seals and is capable of temperatures up to 450C. See HT Series Cutsheet.

high temperature regulator

Grafoil GTA graphite gaskets are 99.9% pure and rated for temperatures to 450C.