Equilibar Back Pressure Regulator Used in Carbon Sequestration

Application Success: Equilibar back pressure regulator used in carbon sequestration research at the University of Sydney

New Back Pressure Regulator Enables Carbon Sequestration Research

  • Reactor pressure control for supercritical carbon dioxide

Equilibar has co-authored a paper with Jason Mann at the University of Sydney entitled New Back Pressure Regulator Enables Carbon Sequestration Research. The paper describes how an Equilibar back pressure regulator was successfully used to control lab reactors processing supercritical carbon dioxide.

Supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) is the subject of many new energy research programs around the world. The fluid possesses properties of both liquid and gas, and because of its solvent capacity and low toxicity, it is considered “green solvent.” Many universities and energy companies are funding research programs studying the role of supercritical CO2 in carbon sequestration, which is the process of capturing CO2 from combustion and preventing its introduction into the atmosphere, either by locking it underground in geological structures or by causing it to react with alkaline minerals to form stable mineral carbonates.

Equilibar has back pressure regulators designed specifically for use in supercritical conditions.

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