Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Protection / Control

If you have a liquid ring vacuum pump you are likely already aware that it prefers to be run at a certain vacuum level – if not kept at that vacuum level, it may start spitting oil/water. This generally isn’t a problem with the vacuum pump itself, but an issue resulting from the liquid/gas separators attached to the vacuum pump receiving too much mass flow.

What if your process requires a vacuum level closer to atmosphere? “Breaking” the vacuum by introducing air from a valve or a vacuum breaker can be both messy and put unnecessary wear and tear on your vacuum pump. However, there is a solution. Use of a direct acting vacuum regulator, such as Equilibar EVR series vacuum regulators, will control vacuum by limiting the flow instead of ingesting air from the atmosphere. This keeps your liquid ring vacuum pump operating in the optimum range and keeps your work space clean and dry.

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Assembly Technician Andrew Roberts

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We are happy to introduce Andrew Roberts, our amazing assembly technician, who is able to build seemingly infinite configurations of Equilibar back pressure regulators and vacuum control valves. Long-time clients and partners may remember Andrew.  He worked for Equilibar several years ago before taking a break to join the thriving beer brewing industry in Western […]

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