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Improving Fuel Pump Testing with Back Pressure Regulation

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  • schematic of Equilibar back pressure regulator in a fuel pump test stand
In fuel system component testing such as fuel pump testing, it is desirable to perform development and quality assurance tests at or close to actual operating conditions. This means varying the back pressure and the rpm of the unit(s) during the testing cycle. Varying speed is a well known process, but varying back pressure may get complicated or costly. Equilibar® Back Pressure Regulators (BPRs) can simplify the design of the test rig and provide reliable service under high cycle service.

In the schematic below, the fuel pump under test pumps fluid to an Equilibar BPR acting as a load for the system test. The Equilibar BPR gets a pneumatic setpoint pilot signal from an electro-pneumatic controller driven by test computer with the desired rpm, flow and pressure sequences. The fuel system tests can simulate the actual service conditions of varying loads and speeds enabling a better prediction of performance in future use.

schematic of Equilibar back pressure regulator in a fuel pump test stand

Benefits of using an Equilibar back pressure regulator

Because the Equilibar BPR can control pressure across a wide range of flow rates, one BPR is suitable for the entire range of product testing. The same test stand can be used for product design and for quality assurance tests. The Equilibar BPR has a flexible diaphragm as its only moving part, resulting in instantaneous control with changes in setpoint. The setpoint pressures can be cycled rapidly to create high cycle tests and the Equilibar BPR will respond in kind. Cycle testing can be completed in a relatively short period of time.

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Equilibar 3/8

3/8″ Equilibar Back Pressure Regulator

Equilibar regulators used in cold service fuel system testing

Equilibar GS3 back pressure regulators used in winter fuel system testing

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Watch the video below of how the Equilibar Back Pressure Regulator controls the flow of a pump.

Control the Flow of a Pump With a Back Pressure Regulator

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