New Case Study: Supercritical CO2 Research at University in the UK -

New Case Study: Supercritical CO2 Research at University in the UK

Equilibar ULF1 Research Series Back Pressure Regulator for CO2 Research

  • Case Study on Supercritical Carbon Dioxide pressure control

Loughborough University in the UK is engaged in Carbon Sequestration research – looking into ways of storing carbon dioxide deep into the Earth where the pressure will prevent its leakage into the atmosphere. This CO2 research Case Study describes how an Equilibar ULF1 Research Series back pressure regulator successfully solved problems that traditional BPRs experienced in demanding supercritical CO2 service. By Luqman K. Abidoye (Loughborough University) and Tony Tang (Equilibar).

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Demanding Supercritical CO2 Service: Equilibar Back Pressure Regulator maintains stability in
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