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Test stand for automotive or aerospace components

Equilibar EVR and BPR for auto and aerospace pressure test rigs

  • automotive and aerospace test stand schematic
Automotive or aerospace manufacturers need to test component designs for performance and life-cycle as well as safety and environmental compliance. This type of assessment happens frequently enough that it is beneficial for companies to build robust test stands capable of evaluating a wide range of variables. Oftentimes these test stands require precision pressure or vacuum control.

For instance, cycle testing of vacuum brake boosters requires a precision vacuum test stand and fuel pump system evaluation requires an automated pressurized test stand. The common denominator in these stands is the need for robust pressure control equipment that can work across a wide range of pressures and flows.

Equilibar back pressure regulators and vacuum valves are frequently deployed in automotive and aerospace test stands because they offer the following advantages:

  • Control across a wide range of flow rates
  • Easily automated for computer control
  • Hold precision throughout a wide range of pressures
  • Configurable for high temperature conditions
  • Respond instantaneously to setpoint changes
  • Compatible with corrosive fluids
  • Excellent control of multi-phase fluids
Common uses:
  • High temperature hydraulic control
  • Fuel pump testing
  • Transmission fluid testing
  • Brake testing
  • Testing with Stoddard Solvent

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The schematic below is a general idea of how an Equilibar back pressure regulator (BPR) or vacuum regulator (EVR) may be used in a test stand to evaluate an automotive or aerospace component. The Equilibar BPR or EVR is located downstream of the component under test and is controlled using an electronic pilot regulator. The electronic pilot regulator receives a control signal from a computer programmed to deliver the test parameters for the specific component.

automotive and aerospace test stand schematic

Spotlight: Automotive fuel pump testing

For the development of new fuel pumps and for ongoing quality assurance testing, an Equilibar® Back pressure regulator can simplify the design of the test rig and provide reliable pressure control under high cycle service. For automation of the test stand, the Equilibar BPR can be controlled by a computer using an electro-pneumatic pilot regulator such as an Equilibar QPV. See our fuel pump testing application page with all the details.

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new uploaded image of GSD6 with QPV

Equilibar GSD Stainless Steel Back pressure regulator with QPV electronic pilot controller

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Equilibar EVR-GS3

Equilibar EVR-GSD vacuum regulator used for vacuum brake booster test stands

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