Pressure Control for Biopharmaceutical Filtration -

Pressure Control for Biopharmaceutical Filtration

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Filtration is a key step in the manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products. Upstream biopharmaceutical filtration may prepare media or buffer solutions, while downstream filtration typically involves purification focused on isolating the target molecules or compounds.

Depending on the targeted molecules, the differential pressure across the filter or separation membrane must be carefully maintained in a narrow range. Many small molecule separations require transmembrane pressures in the range of 1 psi or lower.

The Equilibar dome-loaded back pressure regulator delivers superior precision and can accurately control the differential pressure across a membrane in a wide range of flow rates. Our FD series of sanitary back pressure regulators are designed specifically for these applications in which sanitary biopharma equipment must be used. These regulators are made of SS316L and can be fitted with USP Class VI diaphragms. They offer a crevice-free design, and in certain orientations are fully drainable.

illustration of Equilibar FD Series back pressure regulator controlling tangential flow filtration

In the Figure above, an Equilibar is used in both the retentate and permeate lines. A setpoint is established on the pilot regulator to the dome of the permeate Equilibar. A bias signal equal to the desired transmembrane pressure differential is then set to establish the setpoint pressure to the dome of the retentate Equilibar. This setup maintains stable pressure differential for effective process control.

FD Series Sanitary back pressure regulator designed with ASME BPE in mind. ( product details)

Product Details

FDO8 Sanitary Back Pressure Regulator

FDO8 Sanitary Back Pressure Regulator

Port Sizes:
Typical Pressure Ranges:
0 - 1 in WC
0 - 28 in WC
0 - 5 psi
0 - 10 psi
0 - 20 psi
0 - 30 psi
0 - 60 psi
0 - 100 psi
0 - 150 psi
Key Applications:
Technical Details

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How Equilibar Back Pressure Regulator Works

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