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Product Patents

Equilibar® back pressure regulators are subject to one or more of the following patents:

Multi-Orifice Back Pressure Regulator (including but not limited to the following series: LF, LV, HxP, HT, GS, NL, B, BD, FD, SD, SC, BR):

US 8,215,336
DE 60322443D1
GB 1639282
FR 1639282
US 11,193,703 B1

Zero Flow (ZF Series) Back Pressure Regulators:

US 9,447,890
EP 2724060

Valve for Single Use Applications

US 20,220,011,030 A1

Other Patents Pending


Equilibar® is a registered US trademark.



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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Case Study: single-use BPR improves Trans Membrane Pressure in novel Single Pass TFF control strategy

This summer, the Journal of Membrane Science published a paper focusing on automated control of Trans Membrane Pressure (TMP) in a Single-Pass Tangential Flow Filtration (SP-TFF) system. Control was substantially improved by using an Equilibar® single-use dome-loaded multi-orifice back pressure regulator (BPR) rather than traditional technologies. Authored by Shashi Malladi, Michael Coolbaugh and other top Read More

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