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About Equilibar Precision Pressure Control

Satisfied Clients Worldwide

Since 2007, Equilibar has provided innovative pressure control technology for the most challenging applications in the world. Our dome-loaded, multiple orifice valves and regulators have become known as the gold standard for precision. Our team’s agile approach succeeds where more conventional companies have failed, and our responsiveness is second to none.

Equilibar is proud to design, manufacture and test our patented back pressure regulators and vacuum regulators in the USA. We are equally proud to partner with distributors, systems integrators and clients throughout the world.

In addition to our signature technology, Equilibar offers a large selection of electronic regulators, pressure-reducing regulators, specialty valves and regulators, and other pressure control products to provide the optimal solution for the most complex scenario. Each application is reviewed by one of our experienced engineers and each regulator is hand assembled and tested to specific parameters.

Equilibar has a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 certification.

We invite you to contact one of our engineers at inquiry@equilibar.com to discuss a specific application challenge. We look forward to hearing about your pressure control opportunity.

Until then, here’s what Integrated Lab Solutions, one of our long-standing clients, has to say about working with Equilibar:



Selected Equilibar clients

Air Products
American LEWA
Argonne National Labs
BASF Englehard
BOC Gases
British Petroleum
Crane Aerospace
Eastman Chemical Company
Emerson Climate Technologies
Ford Meterbox
Garmin AT
GM Powertrain
Idaho National Laboratory
Johnson Mathey
Kraft Foods
Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
Lawrence Livermore National Labs
Lockheed Martin
Mitsubishi Polyester Film
MicroMotion / Emerson Process
NASA Hampton
Naval Research Laboratory
Reliance Worldwide
Robert Bosch, Gmbh
Sandia National Laboratories
Saint Gobain
TRW Automotive
Underwriters Laboratories
United Technologies, UTC Power
W.L. Gore

What our Customers are Saying

“We do really appreciate the very fast turn-around . . . …would give you a 5 out of 5 (highly satisfied) with everything we have experienced to date.”


“What can you say about a product that provides a solution for a problem that no other company can begin to easily solve. It is a great product.”

NASA Glenn Research Center

“I have yet to find another product that even works for our application, let alone work as well as yours. If has been a definite improvement to our systems and we will look to keep using them in the future.”

Micromotion - Emerson Process

“Your engineer took the time among the other time he spent on the phone with me to set up a test to prove the regulator would work as he thought nstead of just saying “sure it will work”. Also you were the only company of 4 that I contacted who would commit to it working or even wanted the work. Thanks!”

Lockheed Martin

“The pressure controller works well for our application and I would not hesitate to order another.”


“I am very pleased with the support I received during the initial bench testing.”

General Motors

“This is a great product line and [Equilibar’s] service support was perfect.”

University of Florida

“I do appreciate all the help [Equilibar] gave us in selecting and purchasing the regulator in such a timely fashion”


“Quotation, service and delivery were all very good.”


“The Equilibar service/support people were exceptionally helpful when we had some challenges. Their efforts were much appreciated.”

Naval Research Lab

“Your price point is very good. One of the benefits of the Equilibar is that it is very easy to maintain and clean. Also, as noted above, the price is very competitive.”


“The products perform well and the customer service was amongst the best I have experienced with my problems dealt with quickly and competently.”

Johnson Matthey


Equilibar News
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As summer continues to produce record high temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere, a new application page on cryogenic valves from Equilibar offers a nice change of pace. Cryogenics is the branch of physics or engineering that studies how materials and processes behave at extremely low temperatures. In general, temperatures below -150º C are considered cryogenic. Read More

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