Vacuum Pressure Regulators Used for Material Handling -

Vacuum Pressure Regulators Used for Material Handling

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Centralized Vacuum Systems Material Handling Applications

The Challenge

A centralized vacuum system consists of one vacuum source, usually located remotely, providing vacuum to multiple points of use. Such a system offers ease of design, installation and maintenance, but presents challenges when each machine requires different levels of vacuum from other machines or when machines are taken off line and the vacuum level rapidly changes. The varying vacuum pressure results in changes in air flow thereby changing the calibration of machines, possibly resulting in mis-feeds of material, and excess component wear. There are also processes where one portion of the machine requires a different vacuum pressure than the rest of the machine, or one part of the operating cycle is at a different pressure. Additionally, there are packaging processes that depend on consistent vacuum to maintain the quality of the product or its package.

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Manual Control Solution

The installation of an Equilibar vacuum regulator can be the solution to these types of challenges. This regulator is a self-contained unit with the control powered by the vacuum system. For installations with a fixed or stable pressure requirement, different from the main system, the manual control can be set and the regulator will hold that level of vacuum regardless of perturbations in the vacuum supply.manual vacuum material handling schematic

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Automatic or Remote Control Solution:

For installations where it is desirable to control the vacuum remotely or to vary the vacuum throughout the process an Equilibar electro-pneumatic set point controller can be employed. This can be controlled by potentiometer or a machine’s process controller and be sensitive to other attributes of production. Equilibar can help you specify the components for your automated vacuum control system.

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Styles and Availability:

Equilibar vacuum regulators are available in sizes from 1/4 to 3 inch pipe and fabricated of PVC, Carbon steel or 316 Stainless Steel. Sizes 1 inch and above feature the elbow configuration (as shown above, to the right) to save space and weight.

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Equilibar Vacuum Regulator w/ Manual Set-Point Kit
The Equilibar Vacuum Regulator is shown above with a manual set point kit.
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