• LVF Compact Low Dead Volume Back Pressure Regulator
  • High Pressure Electronic Controller
  • Precision Back Pressure Regulators - Research Series - Low Flow, Laboratory Scale, Gas, Liquid and Mixed phase service. Unmatched Precision
  • Precision Back Pressure Regulators - GS Series. Gas and Mixed Phase Service. The ULTIMATE in Precision Pressure Control
  • Supercritical CO2 Back Pressure Regulator
  • Precision Back Pressure Regulators - EVR Vacuum Series. Pressure Stability Across Widely Varying Flow Rates
  • Mity Mity Back Pressure Regulators -  Equilibar is now offering replacements for select models of the Mity Mite back pressure regulator. Specifically the S91W, S91LW, and S91XW. These units also make great replacements for the aluminum models.

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Back Pressure Regulators

Our unique back pressure regulator offers much greater stability and precision than standard spring-loaded designs. More

Vacuum Regulators

Equilibar® offers a unique type of vacuum regulating valve with more than 5X the flow stability of traditional spring regulators. More

Pressure Reducing Regulators

Equilibar offers several types of pressure reducing regulators for air and inert gases. More

Electronic Pressure Regulators

Equilibar is proud to represent electronic pressure regulators by Proportion-Air, an innovative leader in precision controls. More

Low Pressure Control

Equilibar offers a variety of solutions specifically for customers with low pressure applications down to 0.02 psi. More

Satisfied Clients Worldwide

Equilibar is proud to provide precision pressure controls to the most sophisticated and demanding clients worldwide. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our customers report that our product is uniquely capable of fulfilling their challenging application requirements.

Key Technology

Equilibar has developed a unique, patented dome-loaded technology that gives its back pressure regulators and vacuum regulators 5X more precision than traditional spring regulators.


Equilibar Back Pressure Regulator

Unique Pressure Control technology for highly demanding applications

Our dome-loaded back pressure regulators work in an entirely different way from traditional regulators. This unique approach provides incredible stability across widely varying flow rates and demanding process conditions