Low Pressure Control Regulator - Equilibar Back Pressure Regulator

Low Pressure Control Regulator – Equilibar Back Pressure Regulator

The Equilibar® Precision Back Pressure Regulator offers unparalleled performance in the very-low pressure region. The device is capable of matching process gas or liquid pressures to that of a pilot reference signal to within approximately 0.01 psig / .69 millibar(g). The regulator can be used to control back pressure down to approximately 0.02 psig / 1.38 millibar(g).

This extraordinary precision makes the Equilibar® uniquely qualified for high precision / low-pressure applications in the both laboratory and industrial settings

Both the Equilibar® SC and GS Series back pressure regulators can be configured for very low pressure applications. See Product Details page to select the regulator style, size, and materials that best suit your applications. Inform Equilibar of your desired application pressure range, and your product will be automatically configured with the most appropriate trim.

This chart below demonstrates extremely tight pressure control using a delicate polyethylene diaphragm. Note that flow capacity is limited at the 1 in H20 set-point.

back pressure regulator low pressure preformance chart (5K)

To achieve this superior sensitivity, a standard body of the Equilibar is outfitted with a highly sensitive diaphragm suitable for the application. Materials available include PTFE, polyolefin, Buna N, EPDM, and others. Standard bodies come in SS316L, with PTFE and polypropylene also available.

See available body styles and product documentation .
Contact us  for application assistance in choosing the body and diaphragm that best suits your unique needs.

Stainless Steel pressure regulator
The precision of Equilibar regulators is unparalleled in low and very low pressure applications.
Equilibar performance comparison chart
Learn more about Equilibar’s unique performance advantages.
Extech HD700 digital manometer
The Extech HD700 digital manometer is a precise and economical method of measuring very low inert gas pressures ( details).

Special Application Focus:
Precision Ultra Low Pressure Gas Supply System

There are very few if any commercial regulators capable of precisely controlling gas pressure below 0.5 psig / 34 millibar(g) with varying flow rates.

The LPR2 can be used in conjunction with an Equilibar precision back pressure regulator and a flow control valve to provide incredible precision and responsiveness. By venting any gas flow not required by the application, this system can accommodate forward or reverse gas flow at the application without loss of accuracy.

Equilibar News

Photo of Equilibar U6L and H6P back pressure regulator

Equilibar designs are issued CRN throughout Canada

We are happy to announce that several Equilibar® regulator designs have been issued a Canadian Registration Number (CRN) in every Canadian Province and Territory. The products receiving a CRN include select research series, sanitary and supercritical valves. The CRN is a number issued by an authorized safety authority for any boiler, pressure vessel or fitting Read More

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