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BD Series Back Pressure Valves

Insdustrial Service Back Pressure Valves For High Flow Applications

Equilibar’s BD Series back pressure valves with pipe sizes from 1.5″ up through 4″ handle higher flow applications. They use the same precision technology as our small back pressure regulators, but we use the terminology “valve” in this case to denote the larger sizes.

The BD Series has external elbows attached to the bottom to save significant space compared to side-ported cylindrical designs. Stainless steel and aluminum valve bodies are welded to commercial pipe elbows, while PVC valves are glued to commercial elbows. If desired, flanges can be welded to the elbows as an option. Aluminum elbows are square in shape while stainless steel and PVC are rounded.

BD valves are used for gases, liquids, and mixed phase applications. For liquid applications, an application engineer will discuss the downstream piping design to make sure that water hammer (resonance) does not cause an issue.

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back pressure valve with manual pilot air regulator

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Metal High Flow BD Valve Details – 316 Stainless Steel (SS) standard / Anodized Aluminum (AA) optional

ModelInlet / Outlet PortReference PortMax Pressure*Valve Takeout (DIM A)Height** (DIM B)Cv Range (Precision)Available End Fittings
BD-12*1.5″1/4″45 (SS);
75 (AA);
120 (BDM)
9.5 (SS); 7.6 (AA)3.9 (SS); 3.7(AA)1.0E-0213NPT BSPP
150# Flange;
300# Flange; Triclamp
BD-16*2″70 (SS);
50 (AA);
150 (BDM)
11. (SS); 9. (AA)4.1 (SS); 4.3 (AA)3.0E-0228
BD-24*3″1/4″45 (SS);
30 (AA);
85 (BDM)
13 (SS); 12.5 (AA)5.3 (SS); 5.9 (AA)6.0E-0260
BD-324″20 (SS);
20 (AA)
*BD-12,16, and 24 stainless steel valves also come in BDM styles for higher pressure. Contact an application engineer or download the brochure for more details.
**Height is measured from top surface of regulator to the center of pipe elbow. Does not include 3″ manual set point regulator.

Polymer High Flow BD Valve Details – PVC

ModelInlet / Outlet PortReference PortMax PressureValve Takeout (DIM A)Height* (DIM B)Cv Range (Precision)Available End Fittings
BD-2 43″1/4″20158.86.0E-0260
*Height is measured from top surface of regulator to the center of pipe elbow. Does not include 3″ manual set point regulator.

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