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Mity Mite Back Pressure Regulator

Port Sizes:
Typical Pressure Ranges:
0 - 400 psi0 - 2000 psi0 - 3000 psi
Key Applications:
  • Mity Mite Replacement
  • Reservoir Core Analysis

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Product Description

Mity Mite Back Pressure Regulator

Originally introduced by Grove in the 1960’s, the Mity Mite back pressure regulator has been a staple of many fluid control applications, ranging from amateur rocketry to petrochemical research applications. However, in recent years, many customers in the chemical research arena have reported problems with supply and service for these products. In 2015 customers are now faced with the total withdrawal of these products from the market.

For legacy applications that require an exact drop-in replacement, Equilibar is able to meet your needs with replacement diaphragms and BPRs.

Not Happy With your Mity Mite?
Upgrade to Equilibar’s Research Series

Equilibar back pressure regulators are an excellent candidate for customers using dome-loaded back pressure regulators (BPR’s) such as the Mity-Mite. The Mity-Mite BPR is an excellent control valve and has many successful applications. However, the Equilibar® back pressure regulator offers several distinct advantages over the traditional Mity Mite design:

  • Through the use of Kalrez FFKM o-rings, the Equilibar Research Series regulators can operate up to 300C and can be cycled repeatedly without leaks
  • Standard designs available to 6000 and 10,000 psig
  • Low dead-volume (approximately 0.2 ml) using 1/16″ HPLC tube fittings
  • Wide variety of diaphragms available (PTFE, PEEK, SS316L, Hastelloy C276, Polyimide)
  • Improved precision, even with two-phase flow
  • Equilibar BPRs are available in Hastelloy C and exotic allows such as titanium, zirconium, and PEEK
  • BPRs are typically in stock for shipment within one week

While the Mity-Mite and the Equilibar back pressure regulators work in a fundamentally similar way, the unique design of the Equilibar gives it much more sensitivity, especially in the low to medium pressure range. Because the Equilibar diaphragm is thinner and more supple than the Mity Mite, it can be used at very low pressures (less than 1 psig, or in the millibar range). Replacement diaphragms and other spare parts for Equilibar BPR’s are available in as little as 24 hours.

Mity Mite vs Equilibar Head-to-Head Comparison

Feature Mity Mite Equilibar
Dome Loaded Back Pressure Control
Stainless Steel 316 Construction
PTFE Diaphragm
Leak resistance after thermal cycling
Superior Two-Phase Flow Capabilities
Multi Orifice Design
Low Dead Volume Design
Temperatures from 150-300C
Engineer Direct Customer Support
Maximum Pressure Available 6000 psig 10,000 psig





Mity Mite Back Pressure Regulator


Mity Mite Back Pressure Regulator

The Mity Mite is only recommended for applications which have historically used Mity Mites where the customer would like a drop-in replacement. For new applications we recommend selecting a unit from our research series. Check with an application engineer for more information.

Additional Specs

Mity Mite Back Pressure Regulator


(SS) 13.8 lbs (1.72 kg)



Standard: 1/4″ NPT

How It Works

Mity Mite Back Pressure Regulator

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