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Research Series Back Pressure Regulators

Precision at high pressures and low flow rates

Equilibar’s Research Series back pressure regulators solve critical performance problems for laboratory and gas analysis systems worldwide. They are especially popular for applications such as catalysis research and reservoir core analysis.

Equilibar has several different trim styles and many different diaphragm materials to help us meet nearly every demanding research condition. Our Research Series work through an incredibly wide range of flow, pressure, and temperature. Materials include Hastelloy, SS316L, PTFE, and FFKM (Kalrez).

Typical temperature ranges are 150°C, 200°C (with viton seals and metallic diaphragm) and 327°C (with Kalrez seals and metallic diaphragm) for any of our standard Models with capabilities of up to 450°C with our special High Temperature Model, which utilizes Grafoil sealing gaskets.

Port sizes available for this series include 1/16″, 1/8″ and 1/4″ to accomodate most low flow / low dead volume requirements. For larger port sizes and flow rates see Equilibar’s General Service Series and Industrial Service Series.

No matter if your application requires precision pressure control of liquid, gas, mixed phases, or even a slurry, our Application Engineers can specify a suitable back pressure regulator for your application.

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Research Series Back Pressure Regulator

Our Research Series back pressure regulators offer amazing precision through flow rate turndown ratios of 100,000:1 or higher.



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