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Sanitary Back Pressure Regulator

Equilibar Hygienic Back Pressure Regulators

Equilibar is proud to offer a series of back pressure regulators with hygienic features for BioPharma and sanitary industrial applications. This series of valves is designed with ASME BPE in mind.

They offer advantages for applications such as liquid product blending for consumer and body care products where excellent low flow control can be challenging and sanitary processing is required.

These regulators are made of SS316L standard, with Hastelloy C as an option, and can be fitted with a variety of USP Class VI diaphragms. They offer crevice-free design, and are designed to be drainable in certain orientations.

The Equilibar® FD Series provides sanitary clamps and crevice-free and drainable construction for industrial applications requiring hygienic properties

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Product Summary

Max Pressure
Cv Range
Body Materials


1/2″ 150 psig / 10 bar(g) 1E-7 to 1.0 SS316L; Hastelloy C; custom


3/4″ 150 psig / 10 bar(g) 1E-3 to 4.0 SS316L; Hastelloy C; custom


1″ 150 psig / 10 bar(g)  1E-3 to 8.0 SS316L; Hastelloy C; custom


1.5″ 150 psig / 10 bar(g)  1E-2 to 12 SS316L; Hastelloy C; custom


2″ 150 psig / 10 bar(g) 1E-2 to 19 SS316L; Hastelloy C; custom

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Application Spotlight – Liquid Blending

One common application for the Equilibar FD Series is liquid product blending or dosing. Many manufacturers of personal care products need to precisely control the amount of perfume, dye, or active ingredient that is injected into a line. Performance of positive displacement pumps can be improved, especially in low viscosity applications, by the addition of a precision back pressure regulator.

An FD Series back pressure regulator, with its unique multiple orifice design, is capable of controlling pressure at extremely low flow rates, allowing a more exact mixture of ingredients during blending. Additionally, the Equilibar FD regulator acts as an isolator to header pressure fluctuations as blended product flows through the header. This keeps downstream fluctuations from adversely impacting upstream flow control equipment.


Contact one of our application engineers to help select a back pressure regulator for your sanitary application.

Learn more about our back pressure regulator  technology and how it works.

Equilibar FDO6 sanitary back pressure regulator with Model 10 pilot regulator

The 3/4″ FDO6 shown with the Model 10 regulator for manually controlling the FD pilot setpoint. For computer automation, many customers use an electronic pressure regulator.

Equilibar FDo4 Hygienic Back Pressure Regulator

Equilibar® FDO8 1″ sanitary back pressure regulator with standard Tri-Clamp fittings.

Equilibar EB8FD16 Hygienic Back Pressure Regulator

2″ FDO16 sanitary back pressure regulator shown with optional tube stubs fittings for welding at customer site.
Sanitary Back Pressure Regulators
Equilibar® FDO4 back pressure regulator has a slightly different body design from other models
schematic showing the Equilibar back pressure regulator with a metering pump<br /><br /> and positive displacement pump in a liquid product blending application



Equilibar News

Jeff Jennings, Equilibar president, with schematic

Seven Ways to Dome Load

Equilibar’s back pressure regulators (BPRs) are dome loaded.  This means that the pressure setpoint is provided by a fluid that is fed into a chamber on the top (dome) of the regulator. The pressure of the fluid (either gas or liquid) is set by a second regulator called a pilot regulator.  The loading mechanism is Read More

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