Electronic Vacuum Valves for Process Automation

Electronic Vacuum Regulating Valves Sizes 1″ to 4″

Equilibar’s higher flow electronic vacuum regulating valves provide a much faster and more precise solution than traditional butterfly valves with PID control.

Our two-stage solution uses a small electronic regulator to produces a vacuum signal that controls the larger back pressure regulator. Equilibar’s QPV ultra-resolution electronic vacuum regulator is used for these applications. This combination of an electronic pilot regulator with a precision pilot operated back pressure regulator produces a complete electronic vacuum valve package. Electronic vacuum valves are available in traditional 4-20mA analog or in modern serial digital inputs including Ethernet IP and RS485 Modbus protocol.

These regulators can be used in open loop mode or closed loop mode. In open loop, you simply command the pressure using the computerized signal, and the 2-stage regulator brings your process pressure very close to the intended value. Changes in flow rate may cause small errors in open loop mode.

In closed loop, or PID mode, your process vacuum pressure is monitored by a separate pressure sensor, and command signal to the pilot regulator is adjusted to bring that process pressure to match your desired set-point. This PID action can actually be accomplished inside the QPV electronic pressure regulator, or in your own process control system.

Contact an application engineer to discuss the best way of automating your process vacuum.

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image of Equilibar EVR-BD24 with QPV electronic pressure control pilot

Stainless Steel EVR-BD24 with Integrated QPV Electronic Pilot Regulator

Electronic Vacuum Regulating Valve

dimensions for EVR-BD

Dimensional Drawing for EVR-BD Series

Metallic High Flow Vacuum Valve Details

Model Inlet/Outlet Port Reference Port Standard Body Materials Dim A Dim B Cv Range (precision) Available End Fittings
Inch Min Max Std Available
EVR-BD12 1 ½” 1/8″ SS316
Anodized Aluminum
9.5 3.9 1.0E-2 14.3 NPT BSPP; SAE; 150# Flange
EVR-BD16 2″ 1/8″ 11 4.1 3.0E-2 30.2
EVR-BD24 3″ ¼” 15 6.1 6.0E-1 60
EVR-BD32 4″ ¼” 20 8.1 1.5 160

Polymeric High Flow Vacuum Valve Details

Model Inlet / Outlet Port Reference Port Body Material Diameter Height* Cv Range (Precision) Available End Fittings
(inch) Min Max Std Available
EVR-12 1.5″ 1/8″ PVC 9.5 4.3 1E-2 14.3 NPT Vacuum Flange BSP
EVR-16 2″ 11 5.1 3E-2 30.2
EVR-24 3″ 1/4″ 15 8.8 6E-1 60
EVR-32 4″ 20 9.6 1.5 160
*Height is measured from top surface of regulator to the center of pipe elbow. Does not include 3″ manual set point regulator.

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