Electronic Vacuum Regulator

Electronic Vacuum Regulators to Control Your Process

Equilibar electronic vacuum regulators allow vacuum control through a computerized command signal. The command signal is first sent to a small electronic regulator that produces a pilot signal to the reference port of the dome-loaded Equilibar Vacuum Regulator (EVR) to control the process pressure.

Equilibar offers a line of precision electronic pressure regulators to provide this pilot reference signal. The QPV ultra-resolution model has virtually no hysteresis or deadband, resulting in the capability to make precise adjustments.

These regulators can be used in open loop mode or closed loop mode. In open loop mode, the vacuum setpoint is commanded using a computerized signal sent to the electronic pilot regulator. The pilot regulator produces that commanded pressure onto the EVR reference port to keep the process vacuum very close to the setpoint value. Open loop mode will result in a slight variability in vacuum pressure as flow rates increase.

In closed loop, or PID mode, the process vacuum pressure is monitored by a separate pressure sensor close to the process, and the command signal sent to the pilot regulator is adjusted to bring that process pressure to match the desired setpoint. This PID action can be accomplished inside the QPV electronic pressure regulator, or in the existing process control system. Closed loop control will result in more accuracy over a wide range of flow rates.

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image of anodized aluminum Equilibar vacuum regulator with QPV1 electronic pressure regulator pilot
Electronic Vacuum Regulator
Anodized Aluminum EVR-GS8 with integrated QPV electronic pilot regulator

Electronic Vacuum Regulator Details

Model Inlet/Outlet Port Reference Port Standard Body Materials Diameter Height Cv Range (precision) Available End Fittings
(inch) Min Max Std Available
GS2 ¼” 1/8″ SS316 (std) Anodized Aluminum
3.0 1.3 1E-3 1.0 NPT 150# Flange BSP SAE VCO style VCR style
GS3 3/8″ 3.5 1.35 1E-3 1.8
GS4 ½” 4.5 1.6 1E-2 3.2
GS6 3/4″ 6.0 2.0 1E-2 5.5
GS8 1″ 7.0 2.6 1E-2 8.5

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