SDO4 Single Use Valve - Equilibar

SDO4 Single Use Valve

Port Sizes:
Max Pressure (Std Body Mat’l)
60 psig / 4 bar(g)
Body Material (Standard):
Cradle Material SS316L / Consumable Body Material USP Class VI HDPE
Max CV:
Key Applications:
Product Description
Equilibar SDO4 single use valve for 1/2"

SDO4 Single Use Valve

The Equilibar® SDO4 valve is a single use back pressure regulator (BPR) with 1/2″ hose barb fittings and a Cv range between 1E-03 and 1.6. It controls pressure up to 60 psig / 4 bar(g) with millibar sensitivity.

SD Series Single Use Back Pressure Regulators

Equilibar SD Series Single Use Back Pressure Regulators are specifically designed for single use technology (SUT) and hybrid systems in the biopharmaceutical industry. They can be used to regulate pressure or be set up for use in closed loop flow control applications.

Like the other Equilibar back pressure regulators, the SD Series features ultra sensitive diaphragm-operated back pressure technology capable of controlling pressure with high precision over a wide range of flows. The pilot-controlled, dome loaded design will control the system pressure in a precise 1 to 1 relationship with the pressure applied to the dome. This pilot pressure may be provided by a manually adjustable spring loaded regulator or by an electronic pressure regulator for accurate computer control.

The flexible membrane diaphragm is the only moving part in any Equilibar back pressure regulator. This membrane instantly responds to changes in the system flow rate to accurately maintain the pressure at the desired setpoint. The SD series is an award-winning, revolutionary design in single use pressure control.

The SD Series BPR is manufactured using USP Class VI polymers and stainless steel. The consumable valve body is made of polymer and inserted into a permanent stainless steel cradle with wing nut closure for quick and easy assembly. The consumable valve body is assembled and bagged in an ISO 7 clean room. Each batch is tested for conformance to USP 788 and USP 85. A full certification package is included with every order. 

Contact an application engineer to discuss your single use system application.

Equilibar SDO4 single use valve for 1/2"

SDO4 Single Use Valve

How the Equilibar SDO Valve works

Equilibar SDO4 single use valve for 1/2"

SDO4 Single Use Valve

Additional Specs
Equilibar SDO4 single use valve for 1/2"

SDO4 Single Use Valve



SDO dimension image




Dim A: 5.5in / 140mm
Dim B: 1.6in / 41mm





1/2″ Hose Barb fitting

How It Works
Equilibar SDO4 single use valve for 1/2"

SDO4 Single Use Valve

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