New video demonstrates computer automation of high vacuum control -

New video demonstrates computer automation of high vacuum control

Good for vacuum distillation and analytical chemical applications

In a new video, Equilibar founder Jeff Jennings demonstrates computer automation of high vacuum control using an Equilibar® vacuum regulator (EVR). This technology can be especially useful in vacuum distillation and analytical chemical applications.

In the video, an Equilibar EVR-3 is automated using an electronic pressure controller in a closed-loop PID setup. Jeff reviews the schematic for the setup to illustrate exactly what is involved, and he also gives an explanation about each component so that the method is easy to replicate step by step.

The setpoint for this demonstration is in the range of 100 microns to 600 microns or 0.1 to 0.8 mbar absolute pressure. The video shows the speed and resolution with which the Equilibar EVR keeps the vacuum setpoint under control when the setpoint is changed and when the process flow changes.

A monitor shows the automation process in action, with individual lines used to show the desired setpoint, the actual process pressure and the pilot pressure.

Like our unique back pressure regulator technology, the Equilibar® EVR uses multiple orifices sealed by a flexible diaphragm instead of a single large valve seat. The Equilibar is dome-loaded by a pilot regulator setting the vacuum setpoint. As flow requirements change, the diaphragm moves a few millimeters to open and close over none, some or all of the orifices, providing instantaneous and frictionless control. The pilot setpoint pressure may be set with a manual or electronic pilot regulator.

Equilibar EVRs are available in several sizes and materials so that they can be customized for unique situations.

More information about the EVR series may be found on our vacuum page as well as our how a vacuum regulator works page.

As always, we invite you to contact our engineers with your most challenging fluid control scenarios. They are happy to learn about your particular scenario.

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