Visit Equilibar at NAM Catalysis Conference -

Visit Equilibar at NAM Catalysis Conference

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The 25th North American Meeting (NAM) of the Catalysis Society is this week in Denver, Colorado. This biennial meeting is widely recognized as the premier topical conference for matters related to heterogeneous catalysis, while also including broad coverage of homogeneous catalysis, electro-catalysis and photo-catalysis.

Equilibar engineers Ryan Heffner and Alan Black are in Booth 315 ready to take on the most difficult pressure control challenges. Equilibar has broad experience in the unique challenges of catalysis research.

The unique design of the Equilibar® back pressure regulator gives it the ability to handle two-phase or mixed-phase flow streams while maintaining high precision. This can include gas/liquid processes, water/oil flow streams, or applications with gas, brine, and oil all together.

Common applications for two-phase flow include laboratory reactors for petrochemical catalyst research and fuel cell and fuel cell testing systems involving condensation.

The innovative Equilibar technology uses a direct sealing diaphragm over multiple orifices to control the pressure drop. The valve action is not provided by the movement of a tapered stem, but by the close proximity between the diaphragm and the orifice plate. The supple diaphragm can vary its proximity to the orifice nearly instantaneously to adjust to the varying valve coefficient (Cv) requirements of the various phases.

A further benefit is provided by Equilibar’s unique multiple orifice design. Even if one orifice is totally flooded by the denser liquid, volumetric flow control can still be maintained so long as some of the orifices are still predominantly in the gas phase.

Equilibar is a regular participant at NAM and our engineers have a deep well of experience working with catalysis applications in research and industry. They look forward to learning about the latest challenges in the field of catalysis.

If you are at NAM, be sure to visit Alan and Ryan in Booth 315.

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