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Strategic Partners

Specialists Around the World

strategic partners

Our strategic partners enable us to focus on what we do best: design and create the best back pressure regulators and fluid control valves in the world.

Armand Bergsma and his team with Pressure Control Solutions in the Netherlands take care of inquiries and applications in Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and other parts of Northern Europe. He has become known as an innovative pressure control resource and focuses on cutting edge research applications. Fred Buskowa with System C Instrumentation serves clients in France as well as French-speaking Belgium and Switzerland. Other excellent distributor partners include Practical Analyzer Solutions in Singapore, Yashima Export & Import Company in Japan, and Kinetics Information Technology Company in Taiwan.

Eugene Jensen of Thermal and Fluids Solutions Group in Virginia specializes in advanced two-phase flow and heat transfer systems, including refrigeration, Rankine cycles and open power cycles. He has extensive experience in alternative energy technology, especially Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion.

Equilibar is now part of Richards Industrials

In May of 2021, Equilibar joined the Richards Industrials family of fluid control products, multiplying our connections and improving our accessibility. Richards has a tried and true network of representatives to help systems integrators, engineers, researchers and others who are looking for a deep bench of quality fluid control products. We are excited to see where this alliance will lead in the coming years. For more information, contact them at

All of our partners are professionals who are able to work closely with clients to give them exactly what they need, exactly when they need it. They know the particular needs and customs of their own markets and regions, and they stay in constant communication with us.

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