Season's Greetings from Equilibar! -

Season’s Greetings from Equilibar!

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The Equilibar team wishes all our customers and partners a safe and wonderful holiday season. While our offices are closed December 26 through 30, we will be monitoring email and phone calls to address timely needs. We look forward to working with you in the New Year, starting bright and early on January 2.

Until then, we hope you will check out this quick recap of Equilibar’s 2022 Technical Top Ten. If it spurs an idea or question, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our application specialists.




  1. In the spring, Equilibar launched the Single Use Technology Division (SUT) to focus talent and resources on the fast-evolving single use segment of the pharmaceutical industry. Led by Ryan Heffner, PE, the SUT team brings new solutions for sanitary systems that rely on automation and flow chemistry processes, especially transmembrane pressure control.
  2. The new division celebrated the issuance of its first patent for a SINGLE USE back pressure regulator featuring Equlibar’s revolutionary dome-loaded multi-orifice technology.
  3. Equilibar founder Jeff Jennings, PE, intensified Equilibar’s focus on new product development and ground-breaking applications by taking on the newly created role of Vice President of Innovation. This was possible thanks to David Reed taking the helm as President for Equilibar, using his years of leadership and his MBA to guide the organization smoothly, and to Tony Tang, PE, taking over as operations manager.
  4. As follow-up to this focus, the Equilibar technical team has accelerated its exploration of flow control systems for multiple applications and expects to have several new offerings in 2023. Watch this space for more!
  5. The HP-ERC series of high-pressure dual valve electronic controllers was introduced as a new product to provide superior automated electronic pilot control of back pressure regulators for extremely high-pressure applications such as core analysis or supercritical research.
  6. The first photos from NASA’s James Webb Space Satellite were released in July, serving as a capstone for David Reed’s contribution to the effort. David used his unique expertise in fluid control to consult for NASA during the acoustic testing prior to launch.
  7. In October, Pharma Manufacturing magazine chose the Equilibar® SDO Single Use Back Pressure Regulator as a 2022 Pharma Innovation Awards winner. The Pharma Innovation Awards program is a celebration of technologies contributing to advancements in risk reduction, product quality improvement and manufacturing efficiency across the pharmaceutical industry.
  8. In November, NASA successfully launched the Orion space rocket, a giant step in the Artemis Mission to return humans to the moon and travel to Mars. For Equilibar, the launch was a celebration of our vacuum valves that were used to bond tiles for the Thermal Protection System on the aeroshell for each of the Orion spacecraft.
  9. Throughout the year, the Equilibar team made notable progress in addressing the fluid control challenges of Hydrogen Energy applications, including electrolysis applications and fuel cell testing. We expect this market segment to grow even more rapidly in 2023.
  10. Equilibar technology was featured in Process Instrumentation magazine and Valve Magazine. The Process Instrumentation story gave an overview of how to manage fluid control for challenging pharmaceutical applications while the Valve Magazine story focused on the benefits of dome-loaded multi-orifice technology for three types of applications—back pressure, vacuum and flow control.
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