New Product: HP-ERC High Pressure Electronic Controller -

New Product: HP-ERC High Pressure Electronic Controller

  • HP ERC high pressure electronic reference controller

Equilibar now offers an excellent option to provide automated electronic pilot control of our back pressure regulators for extremely high pressure applications such as core analysis or supercritical research.

The HP-ERC series of high pressure dual valve electronic controllers is designed to automate dome-loaded back pressure regulators up to 400 bar. Even the most challenging processes can be skillfully controlled by combining a dome-loaded valve or regulator with this precise electronic reference control.

The HP-ERC offers several benefits:

  • The internal pressure compensating mechanism enables a remarkable stability of 0.1 percent.
  • A wide variety of digital communication options are possible.
  • The required pressure can be achieved without overshoot, which helps minimize the consumption of reference gas for more efficient and cost-effective use.
  • Dead volume is minimized.
  • Open loop and closed loop control are both possible.

Core analysis is one field that may benefit from the HP ERC controller. In petroleum engineering, core testing involves using small portions of a geologic formation for analysis to determine porosity, permeability, fluid content, geologic age, and the likely productivity of oil from a site. Core flooding experiments are commonly performed as part of core analysis. For these experiments, fluids are injected through the rock under high pressure in a laboratory setting. The results of core-flooding experiments are useful in forecasting the outcome of various injection and production processes.

Another field that may benefit from the HP ERC is supercritical research. Supercritical fluids are fluids at temperatures and pressures above the critical point where distinct liquid and gas phases do not exist. They are used for dissolving, extracting, transporting and researching a number of substances. While supercritical technology offers promise, it is not surprisingly full of challenges related to the high pressures involved.

If you would like to learn more about the HP ERC for high pressure electronic control –or any of Equilibar’s fluid control devices–we invite you to contact one of our experienced application engineers. They look forward to hearing about your fluid control challenge.

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