High temperature service is key feature of Equilibar's HT series -

High temperature service is key feature of Equilibar’s HT series

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The ability to handle extreme temperatures is one of the benefits of the dome-loaded multiple orifice design of Equilibar® valves and regulators. Each component of these devices–the body, O-ring, diaphragm, and bolts–can be made from virtually any material, which means they are infinitely customizable. As a result, the superior precision, instantaneous adjustment and frictionless operation of Equilibar’s core technology is available for all types of severe service, including high temperatures.

High temperature applications are particularly common in the oil and gas field as well as catalyst research laboratories.

Many of Equilibar’s Research Series back pressure regulators can be fitted with SS316 diaphragms, which extend the pressure range up to 10,000 psig / 689 bar(g), while also pushing the operating temperature range up to that of Kalrez® O-rings (300°C, 527°F). Diaphragms made of Hastelloy C276 are also available for some scenarios.

HT Series extends temperatures to 450° and above

For applications having extremely high temperature requirements, Equilibar has developed the HT Series, which utilizes a Grafoil® GTA seal designed for temperatures up to 450°C and pressures up to 5000 psig / 344 bar(g). The seal is nuclear grade purity (99.9% graphite). custom high temperature valves

HT valves and regulators are also available with C-seal metal O-rings. Using these metal seals in combination with full metal diaphragms extends the capability of the back pressure regulator to 550°C.

The base HT series is designed for use in low flow applications with high temperature media or high ambient temperatures. It is used for gas, liquid or mixed phase fluid applications where precision low flow upstream pressure control is required. HT regulators come in 1/8″ and 1/4″ port sizes.

Additional option for higher flow rates

The HTF device is a variant of the HT series. It offers higher maximum flow rates, which are often useful for mixed liquid and gas phase reactor outlets that can experience intermittent surges with momentary high output flow rates.

Video offers details

An informative video featuring Tony Tang, director of operations, compares the HT series models and discusses similarities and differences in construction and assembly. As always, we invite you to contact an Equilibar engineer with any questions you have about your challenging fluid control application.

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