Application Spotlight: Sanitary Product Filling -

Application Spotlight: Sanitary Product Filling

  • Schematic of pressure control for product filling machine

We’re looking forward to the upcoming InterPhex BioPharma trade show with this spotlight on Equilibar’s FD Series of sanitary back pressure regulators. These specialty regulators are well suited for a wide variety of sanitary applications, including product filling.

Product filling typically involves the use of high speed filling machines to quickly fill bottles or containers with consumer or pharmaceutical product. It is a relatively complex process, with many considerations. Constant nozzle pressure and careful nozzle valve timing are critical, for example. Another important factor to consider is how to best control flow rate and pressure drop in order to optimize the competing demands of throughput, product consistency and machine uptime.

One of the key challenges encountered with product filling is to handle the rapid change in flow rate during the start-up and shut down of a filling line. Other challenges arise when viscous fluids are involved — such systems often need to be designed to process high flow rates of Clean-In-Place chemicals as well as the lower flow rates of viscous fluids.

Schematic of pressure control for product filling machine


Installing a high-speed back pressure regulator near the exit of the nozzle manifold can address these challenges. The Equilibar FD sanitary back pressure regulator is especially well suited for this purpose. It responds virtually instantaneously to pressure changes. Since its only moving part is a flexible diaphragm, it offers frictionless operation compared to traditional control valves that rely on springs and other moving parts. In addition, the FD is a dome-loaded pressure regulator with pilot operation, resulting in superior accuracy and precision.

For more details about the advantages of using the Equilibar FD Series of sanitary regulators for product filling, see our product filling application page or feel free to contact an engineer and discuss your specific requirements.

And, if you plan to be at InterPhex April 17-19 in New York City, be sure to stop by Booth 2171 to see the FD Series in person and learn about other new developments from Equilibar.

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