Low Pressure Control with Precision Pressure Regulators

Equilibar specializes in the control of low and ultra low pressure systems. We offer several unique products and technologies for working in the range below 1 psig.  Contact our engineers  to discuss your low pressure application today.

Ultra Low Pressure Regulator – LPR2

Lowest range available!
Pressure reducing regulator controls in range of 0.25 to 7 inWC (0.02 – 0.25 psig). For low flow or no flow air or inert gas applications only.

Designed for very low flow and no flow processes, the LPR2 is ideal for testing and set-point applications.

Equilibar Ultra Low Pressure Regulator

High Flow Low Pressure Regulator

Highest available precision at high flow rates
Equilibar’s Model 41 and Model 11 regulators are available with ranges as low as 0 to 0.5 psi and as high as 0-5 psi. 1/2″ and 3/4″ size allows for larger flow rates up to 24 SCFM. Intended for air and inert gases.

Equilibar High Flow Ultra Low Pressure Regulator

Ultra Low Pressure Electronic Regulators

Equilibar is proud to offer the lowest pressure range available in electronic pressure regulators. Proportion-Air’s QPV Series offers full scale pressure ranges as low as 0.3 psi (10 inWC), with calibrated ranges as low as 0-4 inWC.

The QPV incorporates new analog valve technology to delivery ultra-high resolution with virtually no hysteresis or deadband.

Proportion Air Ultra Low Pressure Electronic Regulators

Pressure Reducing Regulators from Bellofram

Equilibar is proud to represent pressure reducing gas regulators from Bellofram’s Precision Controls Division. These high precision devices provide economical solutions for applications down to 0.25 psig.

In-stock choices include the popular two-stage Type 10 (shown) and the economical one-stage Type 41.

Marsh Bellofram Type 10

Low Pressure Control Systems

Lowest range available!
Our Low Pressure Systems functions like both Pressure Reducing Regulator and a Back Pressure Regulator at the same time. They provide dramatic sensitivity and precision with zero hysteresis at pressures down to 0.5 inWC. Unlike any other commercial solutions, our system allows for bi-directional flow (supply and vent) while maintaining tight precision.

 Low Pressure Control Systems

Ultra Low Pressure Back Pressure Regulators

Our unique back pressure regulator design provides the ultimate in sensitivity and precision. Operating pressures are down to 0.25 inWC (0.02 psig). Sensitivity to 0.001 psig.

Use the LPR2 Ultra Low Pressure Regulator to provide set-point signal.

Equilibar Precision Pressure Regulator

Extech HD700 Differential Pressure Manometer

The Extech HD700 Digital Differential Manometer is perfect for working with low and ultra low pressures. Full range is +/- 2 psig (54 inH2O, 13.8 kPa, 103 mmHg). This reliable and feature-packed tool is economical, easy-to-use, and incredibly sensitive. Units display in bar, oz/in2, psi, inHg, mbar, mmhg, kPa, kg/cm2, inH2O, ftH2O, and cmH2O. Resolution to 0.001 psi, 0.01 kPa, or 0.01 inH2O. Includes data acquisition software with serial interface cable, battery, charger, and tubing. See  details.

Extech HD700 Differential Pressure Manometer is ideal for measuring low and ultra low pressures
Whitepaper: Control of Very Low Pressure Gases in Industrial and Laboratory Processes

Whitepaper: Control of Very Low Pressure Gases in Industrial and Laboratory Processes