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Jennifer Jacober

Design Engineer

Design biomedical engineer Jennifer Jacober in lab

Design engineer Jennifer Jacober earned her degree from the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University, a unique collaboration between two flagship research institutions. The experience has given her insightful experience in both engineering and medicine.

“One of the projects I started working on in school, and am still developing, is a wearable sensor that monitors a patient’s physiological response to opioids and can predict an overdose,” Jennifer said. “My role in developing this device gave me a lot of technical experience building circuits and writing programs to perform data analysis, both of which I use here at Equilibar every day.”

Jennifer began working at Equilibar as an intern in June 2021 and accepted a full-time position as design engineer in October. “In addition to helping the design team continuously improve our products, a lot of my responsibilities center around developing programs in LabVIEW and other similar software to help collect data or demonstrate the full capabilities of our valves,” she said. “Recently, I have been working on our advanced flow control efforts testing new electronic pressure controllers and flow meters so we can help customers with a wide range of flow control applications.”

Jennifer’s background in biomedical engineering is also an asset for Equilibar’s single use biopharma efforts. One of her first projects as an intern was building the single-use demo for the August 2021 Interphex.

A native of Western North Carolina, Jennifer worked as a camp counselor for many years and still enjoys backpacking, camping, and travelling with friends. Other favorite pastimes include sewing, embroidery, and cooking. “All three give me an opportunity to explore creative outlets and test out new ideas, but also require a high attention to detail that I carry over to my work with circuitry and coding. I also really enjoy doing trivia because it satisfies my desire to continue discovering things in a very light-hearted, free form way.”

Coming from a family of engineers, Jennifer always knew she wanted to pursue engineering as well. “I have always loved learning and a career in engineering is a consistent string of learning opportunities and problem solving, two of my favorite things. Everyday working at Equilibar, I am guaranteed to learn something new. Working with a team that is receptive to new ideas and is always looking for new, innovative ways to solve problems is the perfect environment for me to master the ropes of the industry.”

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