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Jake Gardner

Order Processing & Fulfillment Coordinator

Jake Gardner, order processing and fulfillment

Jake Gardner joined Equilibar in 2015 and has provided rock-solid support for the team ever since. As Order Processing and Fulfillment Coordinator, he ensures the steady flow of components from receipt of items to fulfillment of sales orders, and he also provides valuable back-up for assembly, shipping, and other urgent projects. He is the ultimate team-player.

“I like to solve mysteries,” Jake said. “I have 25 years of inventory control and material handling, from retail to largescale manufacturing. Tracking down items and doing deep-dives to maintain product traceability is my jam.”

Jake studied audio engineering and sound production at MASSCOMM in Boston and continues his creative work as a writer of short stories, novels, poetry, and songs. He also plays seven different instruments. He is a native of Western North Carolina and, like many of our team members, enjoys exploring the area. “My favorite local activity is strafing backroads in sports cars or on motorcycles. I also enjoy hiking and camping, frisbee with my dog, and supporting the burgeoning local brewery scene.”

At Equilibar, Jake says his goal is to refine processes, reduce error rates and keep the team happy and healthy. “I love to come to work because the people are terrific, and the job is always challenging. Every one of our orders is like one of my babies, so sending them along is like being a proud parent. It’s great to see all the progressive industries that use Equilibar products. It makes me feel like I’m contributing in a meaningful way to a brighter future for humanity.”

In his almost seven years at Equilibar, Jake has become respected not only for his excellence on the job, but for his positive approach and a temperament that combines focused energy and calmness. “It is my purpose in life to provide everyone within my realm of influence with as much peace and reason as I can,” he said.

Interesting fact: Jake makes world class popcorn and, fittingly, says he may have seen more movies “than any other living person.”


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