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Pressure Reducing Regulator for High Pressure Gas Service

Equilibar is proud to offer precision pressure reducing regulators for high pressure inert gas service. Applications for these regulators include research and laboratory applications, as well as set-point kits for dome-loaded pressure regulators.

Equilibar high pressure regulators are made in the USAEquilibar has partnered with a high-quality US-based regulator manufacture with 30 years of experience designing top-performance pressure controls. Our Series 3000 regulators are machined in the US and guaranteed to provide the same exact performance as similar big-brand products (which are often machined offshore). We stand behind their performance with excellent warranty support.

Series 3000 Series Details

The Series 3000 is intended for precision low-flow applications at pressure ranges from 500 psig /
34 bar(g) through 6000 psig / 414 bar(g). Designed for inert gases, these regulators offer self-venting through the bonnet for convenient control of inert gases. Many of our customers use these regulators to provide adjustable set-point for our dome-loaded back pressure regulators.

Our Series 3000 Regulators will normally be in stock for quick delivery, and is configured for laboratory and research applications as well as set-point kits for Equilibar’s dome-loaded back pressure regulators.

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Feature Details
Control mode Pressure reducing with self venting.
Brass units vent through bonnet.
Stainless steel units have a captured vent.
Outlet pressure ranges 5 – 250 psig / .34 – 17.2 bar(g)
5 – 500 psig / .34 – 34.5 bar(g)
5 – 1000 psig .34 – 68.9 bar(g)
10 – 1500 psig / .69 – 103 bar(g)
15 – 2500 psig / 1 – 172 bar(g)
25 – 4000 psig / 1.7 – 275 bar(g)
50 – 6000 psig / 3.4 – 414 bar(g)
100 – 10,000 psig / 6.9 – 689 bar(g)
Max inlet pressure 6000 psig / 414 bar(g) (Brass Units)
10,000 psig / 689 bar(g) (SS Units)
Cv 0.06
Body material Brass (SAE 360)
316L SS
Bonnet material Brass (SAE 360)
303 SS, 316L SS
Other Wetted parts 316L SS
Seals Buna-N (Brass Units)
Viton-A (SS Units)
Valve seat Vespel
Porting 1/4″ NPT (2 inlet / 2 outlet)
Dimensions 2.12″ diameter x 7″ high [53.85 mm diameter x 177.8 mm high]

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Series 3000 Stainless Steel Pressure Reducing Regulator

The Stainless Steel 316 version of Equilibar’s Series 3000 High Pressure Regulator, shown with a mounting bracket.

Series 3000 High Pressure Regulator dimensional drawing

A dimensional drawing of the Series 3000 High Pressure Regulator. A full size version of this drawing is available in the technical literature.

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