Equilibar Flow Control Using an EQ-DA

Equilibar Flow Control using an EQ-DA Smart Controller

Using an EQ-DA and its browser-based GUI to control an Equilibar flow control valve

Equilibar® valves can easily be set up for flow control applications using a flow meter and control logic as explained on our flow control page.

To review the various methods of control systems for setting up an Equilibar flow control valve (FCV), please visit our “ getting started with flow control ” page.

On this page you will find specific information about using an EQ-DA smart controller and accompanying browser-based GUI to set up a flow control loop with an Equilibar FCV.

Below is a schematic showing how the EQ-DA and Equilibar flow control system is set up in the demonstration video that follows. The EQ-DA communicates through a browser-based GUI installed in the laptop. It receives a flow signal from the flow meter and sends a pressure signal to the pilot port of the Equilibar FCV. For best performance, we recommend setting up the flow controller with guidance from an on-site controls engineer experienced in tuning feedback loops.

Control using an EQ-DA smart controller and its browser-based GUI:

This video demonstrates how to set up the EQ-DA and use its accompanying browser-based GUI to control flow in a control loop using an Alicat flow meter and an Equilibar flow control valve.

You can find the products we used in this video, at these links

Alicat CODA Coriolis flow meter

EQ-DA diaphragm actuator

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