Equilibar Flow Control Using Bronkhorst Flow Meter

Equilibar Flow Control using Bronkhorst Flow Meter

Using Bronkhorst built in software to control Equilibar flow control valve

Equilibar® valves are back pressure regulators by design and can easily be set up and used in flow control applications using a flow meter and control logic as explained on our flow control page.

To review the various methods of control systems for setting up an Equilibar FCV for flow control, please visit our “ getting started with flow control ” page.

On this page you will find specific information about using a Bronkhorst flow meter and accompanying software to set up a flow control loop with an Equilibar FCV.

Below is a schematic showing how the system is set up in the video. The software is loaded into the Bronkhorst flow meter and it runs entirely inside the flowmeter without the assistance of a laptop. The laptop is used for initial setup of the flow meter and for setting the PID values to optimize the customer’s application. For best performance, we recommend setting up the flow controller with guidance from an on-site controls engineer experienced in tuning feedback loops.

schematic of Bronkhorst flow meter in control loop with Equilibar flow control valve

Control using a Bronkhorst flow meter with built-in flow control software

This video demonstrates how to download and set up Bronkhorst’s FlowDDE and FlowPlot software to control flow using a Bronkhorst flow meter and an Equilibar flow control valve. The FlowDDE and FlowPlot software assist in the electronic closed loop flow control using the built-in PID software in the Bronkhorst mini CORI-FLOW series flow meters. This software runs entirely from the flow meter. A PC or PLC is not required, but is used in the video for demonstration purposes.

In this video, we used a Bronkhorst mini CORI-FLOW M14 flow meter. The accompanying software can be downloaded for free on the Bronkhorst website. Links to download the software can be found below:

Other products used in this video can be found here

  • Cable RS232 T-part 8DIN: part number 7.03.444
  • RS232 male DB9 to USB2.0: part number 9.09.122
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advanced flow control using equilibar valves

General setup of an Equilibar FCV in a flow control loop with an Equilibar electronic pilot regulator and a high resolution flow meter.

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