Drop-In Replacements for Popular Mity Mite BPRs -
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Drop-In Replacements for Popular Mity Mite BPRs

Replacement for Mity Mite Back Pressure Regulators

  • Mity Mite drop-in replacement

We are pleased to announce that Equilibar now offers direct replacements for select models of Mity Mite back pressure regulators.

Mity Mite regulators were first manufactured by Grove Valve and Regulator Company in the 1960s and soon became the standard for many specialty applications. The Pressure Reducing Mity Mite regulators were quite common in experimental rocketry due to the lightweight construction of the aluminum model while the Back Pressure Regulating Mity Mites became popular for applications in the oil and gas industry because of their materials of construction and low flow capabilities.

Over the years, the Mity Mite product line was sold multiple times. In 2015, the most recent owner announced discontinuation of support for Mity Mite, leaving long-standing customers in a bind.

Many of Equilibar’s customers have successfully used Mity Mite regulators for years and need a reliable source for future orders. To better serve these customers and the industry, Equilibar now offers direct replacement of the several models of the Mity Mite Back Pressure Regulators, specifically models 91W, S91W, S91LW, and S91XW.

Learn more about our Mity Mite product offering:


Equilibar part numbers follow the same scheme as the traditional Mity Mite part numbers, but with –EQ appended to the end. Below you will find a table with part numbers of the Mity Mites and their corresponding Equilibar part numbers.

Materials of Construction
Part NumberBodyCapDiaphragmCvPressure RangeEquilibar Part Number
90WAluminumAluminumNitrile0.4410 – 2000 psiConsult Factory
SD90WStainless Steel 316AluminumFKM
S90WStainless Steel 316Stainless Steel 316FKM
91LWAluminumAluminumPTFE0.4425 – 400 psiS91LW-EQ
SD91LWStainless Steel 316AluminumPTFE
S91LWStainless Steel 316Stainless Steel 316PTFE
91WAluminumAluminumPTFE0.38100 – 2000 psi91W-EQ
SD91WStainless Steel 316AluminumPTFES91W-EQ
S91WStainless Steel 316Stainless Steel 316PTFE
91XWAluminumAluminumPTFE0.17100 – 3000 psiS91XW-EQ
SD91XWStainless Steel 316AluminumPTFE
S91XWStainless Steel 316Stainless Steel 316PTFE
91Stainless Steel 316Stainless Steel 316FKM0.1260 – 6000 psiConsult Factory
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