Reflections on Singapore's ISA Analysis Division Symposium -

Reflections on Singapore’s ISA Analysis Division Symposium

  • Tony Tang gives presentation at ISA Symposium

In September Equilibar’s engineering manager, Tony Tang, traveled to Singapore to attend the ISA Analysis Division Symposium. The trip was a great opportunity to work with our partners at Practical Analyzer Solutions and to meet several key clients face to face for the first time.

Singapore is known for its successful blending of diverse cultures and its leadership in globalization endeavors. Visiting in person provided a number of insights into the nuances of multinational business and reinforced Equilibar’s commitment to global connections.

“The trip led me to realize how feasible it is to work globally,” Tony said. “Although the flight was long it was relatively easy to get to Singapore and once there you realize how many people travel all over the world or regionally from other countries to collaborate and work. The city has a great infrastructure and English is spoken well by the majority of people in Singapore making it easy to network and share ideas.”

During the Symposium, Tony gave a presentation on Innovative Control Valves for Continuous Analysis and Flow Chemistry Systems. This fit in well with the goal of the symposium, which is to benefit researchers and engineers who are involved in every aspect of process stream and laboratory methods of analysis. Chromatography, sample handling, spectroscopy and electrochemistry were among the specialties represented at the symposium.

“The show had a lot of passionate people who are really looking to the future of their industry,” Tony said. “It did a great job of focusing on creative ways of networking to develop the ideas to lead industry forward.”

Tony Tang, engineering manager, in Singapore

Tony Tang shares information about Equilibar at ISA in Singapore


Equilibar Demo at ISA in Singapore

One of the demo units at ISA shows the precision of Equilibar technology

Equilibar is grateful to Practical Analyzer Solutions for their tremendous help.

“It was nice to meet and interact with people that we have only communicated with via phone or email,” Tony said. “Face to face interaction plays an important role in developing working relationships.”

Tony Tang with Practical Analyzer Solutions

Tony Tang, center, with the team of Practical Analyzer Solutions, our Singapore distributor partner.



Beach in Thailand

After the show, Tony visited Thailand to do some rock climbing and snorkel off the beautiful beaches.

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