Sponsoring website for Friends of DuPont Forest -

Sponsoring website for Friends of DuPont Forest

Friends of DuPont Forest

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Equilibar is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the website of Friends of DuPont Forest, beginning 2015 with a commitment to preserving the rich natural heritage of the Appalachian Mountains.

Known for its biodiversity, world-class waterfalls and extensive multi-use trail system, DuPont State Recreational Forest has always had a close connection to Equilibar. In 1996, Equilibar’s founder, Jeff Jennings, was a senior research engineer with the DuPont Company’s Brevard plant, which owned 12,000 acres of woodlands in Western North Carolina. As DuPont took steps to sell the plant, Jennings played an active role in collaborating with state and environmental leaders to turn most of the property into one of the most popular state forests in the country. He has continued to work as a volunteer in expanding and protecting this unique place that is home to a number of rare species including the green salamander, the swamp pink and the blue ghost firefly.

Today, DuPont State Recreational Forest has 10,400 acres of land, including the magnificent Triple Falls and High Falls. More than 380,000 annual visitors enjoy mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, fishing and more. The forest has been featured in national and international publications and its breathtaking landscape has served as the backdrop for several blockbuster movies, including The Hunger Games.

Friends of DuPont Forest began as an advocacy group and continues to support the forest in multiple ways. Their website offers information on the history of the forest, maps, photo galleries, user guidelines and more.

By serving as underwriter for the website and providing webmaster services, Equilibar is taking another step in its commitment to being a good environmental steward and a champion of the Appalachian region. For more information, visit www.dupontforest.com .

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