COVID-19 Update: Equilibar working with ventilator designers to increase access to component parts -

COVID-19 Update: Equilibar working with ventilator designers to increase access to component parts

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Since Friday March 20, 2020, Equilibar has focused on working to modify the design of our fluid control valves to enable them to serve as building blocks for medical ventilator systems. Our technical team has made rapid progress. Based on collaboration with bio-engineering and medical experts, we believe we have developed designs that can contribute to the global effort to increase the supply of ventilators for COVID-19 victims.

We are working to make our technology available through high volume manufacturing using specialty shops in North Carolina. Our partners are also actively working to bring additional ventilator systems to market by integrating our valves and other components that are readily available.

Beyond this, we want to make our designs and expertise accessible to the world as efficiently as possible. We will continue to release more information on an ongoing basis as it becomes available.

Please note the following:

  • Equilibar control valves are not FDA approved for use in medical procedures. Our specialized valves are intended to serve as building blocks for ventilator systems designed by experienced biomedical professionals who are in a position to apply for emergency FDA approval.
  • These valves will be produced in volume and priced as affordably as possible. Negotiated terms are available for emergency situations.
  • Please contact an Equilibar application engineer at for more information.

Why is Equilibar pivoting to a COVID-19 response? 

Equilibar has the technology and expertise needed to precisely control fluid in the most challenging applications. Since the threat of COVID-19 became apparent in mid-March, we have received multiple inquiries about using our technology as a building block for ventilator sub-systems. We began focusing on modifying our valves following a discussion with our European partner Armand Bergsma of Pressure Control Solutions.

After conducting an initial investigation, our technical team believes we have the ability to provide a building block for ventilator sub-systems that use components that are more readily available than those in the existing supply chain. We are grateful to be able to contribute our skills and technology to the collective effort of engineers and scientists around the world. Collaborating with innovative researchers has been a cornerstone of our philosophy since our founding in 2007.

We welcome your questions, comments and ideas. Contact us at .

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