BioPharma fluid control questions? Talk to Ryan Heffner at INTERPHEX April 2-4 -

BioPharma fluid control questions? Talk to Ryan Heffner at INTERPHEX April 2-4

  • Design Engineer Ryan Heffner

Design engineer Ryan Heffner played an instrumental role in developing Equilibar’s FD series of sanitary fluid control valves as well as our single use valve for BioPharma applications. “From a humanitarian perspective, I think medicine as a whole is super exciting for researchers,” he said. “It feels as if we’re at the dawn of a new age of customized drugs.”

On April 2-4, Ryan and other members of the Equilibar team will be in Booth 3665 at INTERPHEX, the BioPharma trade show held annually in New York City. In many ways, INTERPHEX serves as a mile marker. It’s exciting to look back on everything that’s happened in BioPharma since last year’s show and consider what the future holds for this fast-evolving and important market.

Some of the specific BioPharma processes that benefit from Equilibar’s revolutionary technology include chromatography, which is used as a vaccine purification step to remove impurities; gradient elution, which is used to supply buffer solution (acidic, basic, and pH neutral with varying conductivity) to change the concentration of the post-chromatography vaccine; media transfer, a process to transfer fluid from one tank to another; and filtration. photo of FDO6 sanitary back pressure regulator

Our sanitary products can be used in both upstream and downstream processes, and they are designed for clean in place (CIP) set-ups. Their ability to perform solidly despite ultra-wide flow rate ranges, phase changes, extreme temperatures and varying pressures enables them to solve problems that traditional valves cannot. This is possible thanks to Equilibar’s novel dome-loaded multiple orifice technology that works in an entirely different way than traditional fluid control instruments.

Ryan has been working closely with BioPharma clients and believes Equilibar products offer a tremendous competitive advantage—not only for pressure control but for flow control as well. “I’d like to demonstrate that Equilibar is much more than a back pressure regulator and really show how our valve should be a go-to solution for precision fluid control, back pressure control, and difficult to achieve fluid control,” he said.

Please stop by Booth 3665 to say hello. We will have an interactive demonstration of our valves’ sensitivity and precision, as well as sample valves and assorted goodies. In the meantime, we invite you to contact one of our engineers to discuss your complex fluid control application. They look forward to hearing from you!


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