Impressions from ACHEMA Trade Show -

Impressions from ACHEMA Trade Show

  • Jeff Jennings, Equilibar founder

I recently returned from the ACHEMA trade show in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I knew this would be a first-class show, but even so, I found it surprisingly energizing and uplifting. Being there underscored the technical possibility that happens when talented people from across the world work together. I am grateful to be part of many global endeavors that make the world a better place.

In many ways, ACHEMA is a perfect fit for Equilibar. This massive trade show for the process industry was started by German chemist and entrepreneur, Dr. Max Buchner, as a means to “promote the exchange of chemists and engineers.” Many of Equilibar’s clients are chemists while our own team is made up largely of mechanical engineers. We believe that bringing these two disciplines together creates a little magic.

One of the best things about the show was meeting people in person. While Equilibar collaborates with people across the globe every day, we almost always do this via the Internet or telephone, so it was a special treat to meet many of our clients face to face. We saw other important people as well—we touched base with our French distributor, System C, and met our Singapore representatives, Practical Analyzer Solutions, for the very first time.

I especially enjoyed seeing the university research students who attended the show. Their enthusiasm for science and technology is contagious and we know that in a few short years they will be making decisions in industry and hopefully they will remember Equilibar.

Finally, I want to mention how much I enjoyed partnering with Armand Bergsma and Peter Hendriks van Warbij of Pressure Control Solutions, our Northern European distributor, as well as an old colleague of mine, Dr. Johann Pistor, a German research chemist who helped staff our booth. He remembers going to ACHEMA with his father when he was a child. He was a great ambassador for Equilibar and often kept the booth full of people watching his live demonstrations of our technology.

To get an idea of what ACHEMA is like, take a look at our pictures and video. I also invite you to contact us with any questions or comments about our pressure control technology.

Peter Hendriks van Warbij puts up our banner before the show begins

Dr. Johann Pistor at ACHEMA

Dr. Johann Pistor gives a live demonstration of Equilibar technology

Demonstration system with Bronkhorst and Equilibar working together


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