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John Dicken

Assembly and Testing Technician

John Dicken, Assembly Bench

John Dicken grew up in Western North Carolina. After high school, he studied simulation game development including 3D modeling and computer programming, gaining skills that have served him well in his job as Assembly and Testing Technician for Equilibar.

He also has many years of experience as a sous chef and, more recently, as a barista. “I developed a focus on artistic presentation when I was a barista,” he noted. “I enjoyed the creative aspect and the attention to detail.”

In his spare time, John continues to roast coffee and create latté art.

John has observed that in many ways the production department at Equilibar runs like a well-run chef’s kitchen and he enjoys working as part of a cohesive team. “It’s a really uplifting experience,” he said. “The whole flow of it–from gathering the individual parts for a ticket, to assembling a product, to the final presentation of a package on its way—is something I enjoy very much. It’s fun to see the trays of orders in the morning and then see the completed products at the end of the day. I find that super satisfying.”

John assembles an incredible variety of Equilibar back pressure regulators and fluid control valves. The regulators produced by him have been used in a wide range of industries including laboratory research, fuel cells, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, alternative energy, refrigeration, polymer processing and more. His enthusiasm for a job well done makes him a great match for the precise work on the assembly bench.

With an academic interest in physics, John also finds the scientific aspect of his job appealing. He has ideas about incorporating some of the skills he learned in his game development program for training and other purposes. “I enjoy learning new things and the ability to be versatile. The wide range of work and having something new to do each morning are appealing to me.”

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