RVP Precision Pressure Regulators for RV-19 and RV-22 valves

RVP Precision Pressure Regulators for RV-19 and RV-22 valves

Equilibar RVP Knob-adjust precision pressure regulators

The RVP-L and the RVP-H are knob-adjusted precision pressure regulators designed specifically to pilot regulate the setpoint pressure on the dome of the Equilibar RV-22 and RV-19 valves. The RVP-L is for regulating the PEEP setpoint and the RVP-H is for regulating the PIP setpoint of a defined pressure system that may be useful for ventilators. These valves are currently being tested in designs of ventilators by companies seeking emergency use authorization during the COVID-19 crisis.*

These valves have been designed and tested to maintain stable pressure even with unstable air supply conditions. The precision of the RV-22 and RV-19 valves are dependent upon an accurate and stable dome setpoint pressure. Therefore, it is important that they are combined with stable and accurate pilot regulators.

Equilibar plans to manufacture the RVP regulators in volume and have them widely available for use with our RV-22 and RV-19 valves. Equilibar engineers support the use of other available pilot regulators with our RV valves, but we first recommend testing any pilot regulator across a range of flow rates to be sure it is able to keep stable pressures. In cases where medical care is set up in non-traditional settings, the opportunity for unstable supply air is great.


Below is a graph of the stability of the RVP-L and the RVP-H across a variable range of flow rates as tested in our labs.

RVP-L low pressure pilot regulator for RV-19 and RV-22 valves

RVP-H precision pilot pressure regulator for RV-19 and RV-22 valves

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  • HDPE, Buna, Stainless Steel, Ceramic
  • Pressure rating: RVP-L = 4 – 25 mbar (1.6 – 10 inH2O)
  • Pressure rating: RVP-H = 40 – 70 mbar (3.6 – 28 inH2O)
  • Flow range: up to 2 lpm
  • Port: 1/8″ NPT

Video demonstrating performance of RVP precision pilot pressure regulator:


image of RVP=H and RVP-L pilot valves for Equilibar RV-22 ventilator valves

RVP-L and RVP-H precision pilot pressure regulators

3D model of RVP-L and RVP-H PEEP and PIP control

3D model drawings of RVP-L and RVP-H precision pilot pressure regulators



photo of RVP pilot valve with bracket

photo of RVP with bracket












*Equilibar control valves have historically not been for use in commercial ventilator systems. In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, Equilibar has retrofitted its valves for potential use in connection with medical ventilator systems. While our valves are not approved for any medical use by the FDA or any other governmental agency, Equilibar plans to produce these valves in volume and offer the valves, with affordability in mind to the extent possible, to businesses or governments who are actively seeking or agree to seek qualifying approval for the sale or distribution of integrated systems for use within a medical setting from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (“FDA”) or other similar governing agency in local jurisdiction. Your agreement to any terms of sale with respect to our valves asserts that you are a technically competent entity capable of evaluating system risk and seeking Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA or other similar governing agency in local jurisdiction.

All rights to use our valves shall be effective from the date we provide the valves to you until such time as we notify you that your use must end which reasons may include, without limitation, end of the existing pandemic or recalls for safety reasons.

Use of our valves and/or drawings shall be solely as provided for in a legal agreement with you which will include, in part that any sale is (i) not and does not represent medical or legal advice by Equilibar, (ii) is not approved or available as alternative to an FDA approved ventilator and (ii) AS IS, WHERE IS, AND WITH ALL FAULTS’’. If you do not agree with any of the foregoing do not purchase or use any of our valves for use other than as originally intended (i.e. commercial ventilator systems).

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