Automated Electronic Pressure Control Systems

Electronic Pressure Regulators

Dynamic or Steady-State Control

Equilibar offers integrated pressure control systems that provide turn-key solutions to customer requirements. These control systems can provide anything from a simple interface for an electronic pressure regulator to a sophisticated dynamic pressure waveform generator for process fluids.

These will typically utilize our electronic pressure regulators, and may also utilize use our unique back pressure regulators to translate air pressure into your chemical or process fluid.

Air or inert gas pressure control

Electronic pressure regulators can be used to provide precise and repeatable pressure control for air or inert gas applications. These systems are typically used for low flow (less than 1 SCFM) applications and will often utilize Proportion-Air’s electronic pressure regulators. Pressure control can be steady state or highly dynamic.

Set-point pressure for dome-loaded regulator

An automated pressure control system can be used to supply the set-point to a dome-loaded regulator, such as Equilibar’s precision back pressure regulators.

Process fluid pressure control

Equilibar’s unique precision back pressure regulator can be used to provide unmatched pressure control in nearly any process liquid or gas. An electronic pressure regulator is used to provide the set-point signal for the Equilibar BPR, and the BPR directly translates the air pressure signal into the process fluid. The highly sensitive diaphragm allows for nearly instantaneous response time (<<10 ms). See how the Equilibar BPR works.

Closed loop control

PID closed loop control can be used to eliminate any small errors between the observed process value and the desired set-point. These are particularly helpful in test-stands and calibration systems. PID control can be accomplished with small 1/16 DIN controllers (as pictured at right), in PLC systems (pictured lower right), or can be provided by the customer’s host process computers.

Dynamic pressure waveform control

Custom software is available to allow the customer to configure waveforms or pressure ramps. The waveform at right shows an actual chemical liquid pressure responding to the desired target waveform at approximately 1 cycle/second. Waveform cycle frequencies as high as 4 cycles/second are recommended using electronic pressure regulators. Custom software can run on a PC, a PLC, or can use a PC application to manage PLC hardware through serial communications. See  how the Equilibar BPR can be used to generate pulse waves.

Ultra low pressure systems

Both the Proportion-Air electronic pressure regulator and the Equilibar back pressure regulator have the capability of controlling pressures as low as 0 to 4 inWC. Custom controls systems can be used to control pressures for applications such as polymer extrusions systems. Learn more about low pressure systems.

Custom electronic control enclosure by Equilibar

Equilibar’s Process Automation Enclosure featuring stand-alone PID controller. Customizable per customer specifications.

Proportion-Air's MPV electronic pressure regulator offers extremely high resolution

Proportion-Air’s MPV precision electronic pressure regulator offers extremely high resolution

pressure waveform from Equilibar precision back pressure regulatorLiquid pressure waveform complies closely with ideal target waveform. Actual liquid pressure is yellow; target waveform is red.