Updates on COVID-19 Efforts

Updates on COVID-19 Efforts

Designs to address emergency shortages due to COVID-19

June 9, 2020

Since March 20, 2020, Equilibar’s technical team has been collaborating with bioengineering and medical professionals to modify the design of our fluid control valves to enable them to serve as potential building blocks for medical ventilator systems. After months of intense research and development efforts, Equilibar is pleased to announce that the US Food and Drug Administration has granted Emergency Use Authorization for the BioMedInnovations (BMI) SuppleVent™. SuppleVent™ is a ventilator system that utilizes Equilibar® patented back pressure regulator technology, licensed to BMI for medical devices.

Equilibar and BMI have a long-standing partnership developing precision air and fluid flow medical devices, with products-in-development for lung ventilators and ex vivo tissue perfusion. Other partners in the effort include Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California as well as several North Carolina-based motorsports companies. Read the full story on our blog.

Beyond this, we want to make our designs and expertise accessible to the world as efficiently as possible. 

At the right is a listing of the progress we are making in designing and developing pressure control components as part of this effort.


  • Equilibar control valves are not FDA approved for use in medical procedures. Our specialized valves are intended to serve as building blocks for ventilator systems designed by experienced biomedical professionals who are in a position to apply for emergency FDA approval. 
  • These valves are designed to be produced in volume and priced as affordably as possible. Negotiated terms are available for emergency situations. 
  • For those who are unable to source from Equilibar, we will, for qualified candidates, make our drawings available. A temporary limited use release is required.
  • Contact an Equilibar engineer at inquiry@equilibar.com for more information.

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